Best Seller Badge Status Achieved By Brand New Innovative Cake Tin

Press Release

The Magic Baking Tin, a brand new innovative product that can be used to make lots of different shaped cake tins, have achieved a #1 Best Seller badge in their product category – Small Pastry Moulds.

Since being launched onto Amazon UK in mid April, the cake tin brand have seen a significant amount of support from new and old customers alike. Within days of launching, the brand received a large amount of feedback from customers and had reached their first 100 sales. As they rapidly approach the end of their first month on Amazon, The Magic Baking Tin hope to continue to see good sales numbers.

Amazon’s #1 Best Seller badges are notoriously tricky to get hold of so the brand are keen to share their achievement with the press.

“Achieving an Amazon #1 Best Seller badge is a massive success for us.” said Mitchell, CEO of The Magic Baking Tin, “As a relatively new brand with a product that is completely new to Amazon, this sort of achievement is exactly what we had hoped for.”

After reaching milestones of 50 customers and then 100 customers within two weeks of launching, the brand hope that they can continue the momentum for their product.

“Now that the launch period is over, we’re going to have to work very hard to maintain our #1 Best Seller badge status.” continued Mitchell, “Amazon is a very competitive marketplace and the bakeware section is even more competitive than other categories! We hope that our customers will continue to support us and our product so we can maintain our current rank and #1 Best Seller badge.”

The Magic Baking Tin is a family friendly product that allows the user to make 100s of shapes from just one tin. Alongside a variety of different shapes, the tin also makes conventional sized tins too.

The Magic Baking Tin is now available from Amazon UK: