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Press Release

Consumers, today, are faced with a barrage of choices when it comes to consumer products and safety. Every purchase made by consumers can easily be wrought with pitfalls. It’s normal for consumers to worry about the chosen product failing to meet their needs or even poses a safety hazard to home and family. Best Spy promises to alleviate all that stress for consumers by delivering up-to-the-minute expert advice to assist U.K. residents in the selection of the very best products to meet needs and get the most of the money spent. In addition, Best Spy promises guides and tips from garden to home, exercise to safety and everything in between.

Best Spy U.K. has just released the latest content with the guide “Are Microwaves Safe?” offering valuable insights for consumers who are in the decision making mode about microwaves at home. This question has been on the table since the invention of Microwave Ovens and rears its head every time a new model hits the market. Of course, the World Health Organization (WHO) has weighed in stating microwaves are safe when used properly – and that is where providing a helpful guide for using microwaves safely in the home.

Alongside the Microwave safety guide comes the up-to-the-minute solution to the question “Are Induction Hobs Safe?” Induction Hobs are relatively new in the marketplace raising some concerns regarding burns, radiation risks, and cardiac implant interference – but Best Spy’s convenient guide takes all the guesswork out of induction hobs, explaining the principles behind the science and the safety of these amazing hobs.

“As a newly launched website, Best Spy U.K. promises to bring helpful consumer advice straight to the public and help them make the right buying choices based on our extensive, expert research in the marketplace. Best Spy features in-depth product reviews along with useful guides so consumers can get the greatest value for their purchasing dollar. We look forward to serving the deserving consumers purchasing products in the U.K. Check us out!” – Bradley Hobbs, Founder

About Best Spy: Best Spy U.K. is the brainchild of Bradley Hobbs who developed the new site to deliver an up-to-the-minute consumer buying guide for the U.K. marketplace. Best Spy’s goal is to provide insightful information and useful articles to help consumers in their quest to purchase the best and safest products on the market today. Hobbs and his team of writers and researchers promise expert research and tips on getting greatest value and purpose from every product purchase.