Better Windows Announces Launch Of New Website.

Press Release

Better Windows has launched a new website dedicated to window tinting. The new website also provides information about solar reduction and thermal insulation options for home and business owners. Window film is intended to take care of issues such as privacy, security and insulation from the sun’s heat or cold temperatures. The company works with residential and commercial buildings, with a purpose of making them energy efficient and comfortable. The high quality products reduce heating and cooling energy use. The professional installers have more than fifteen years of experience.

Tinted films come in more than eighty different options, so that glass-related issues such as heat, glare, safety and privacy can be resolved with the help of the professional installers. Tinted films reduce glare by as much as 50 percent, so that seeing the computer screen, watching television and enjoying the view is possible. The level of tint can match the need of the customer in order to reduce heat, glare and ultraviolet rays. There are also mirrored options to enhancing privacy.

Better Windows offers solar reduction film for windows of all sizes. This option allows home and business owners to block the heat, while at the same time, maintain the view. The company specialises in innovative transparent film solutions. The Cool and Clear range is the latest evolution in solar reducing films and is backed by a United States manufacturer with more than sixty years of experience in film for windows.

The thermal insulation film offered by Better Windows is a cost-effective alternative to double-glazed windows. The film is shown to reduce the loss of heat in the winter by as much as 44 percent, without the loss of natural light. Penjerex window insulation film costs about half the cost of double glazing. The application is internal and the film is almost invisible, once it is in place. The film comes with a ten-year warranty.