Brand New Probiotics For Dogs Reach 150 Orders After Product Launch

Press Release

After launching their brand new Probiotics for Dogs onto Amazon U.S in the last week of April 2016, Wagglies have hit multiple milestones after their product launch.

This week, just 24 hours after reaching 100 product orders, the brand have reached 150 product orders for their brand new dog probiotics. This comes just a short time after they received two batches of customer feedback from customers who ordered their probiotics for dogs on the day of launch.

Wagglies’ Probiotics for Dogs contain 74 trace minerals and 25 billion CFUs. They also contain 5 strains of probiotic and 1 added prebiotic, included to enhance the effectiveness of the probiotics and to ensure that they are successfully delivered to the canine’s stomach and intestines.

“Although these may only seem like small milestones to achieve, after a product launch these kind of milestones are very reassuring.” said Dan Clayton, Founder of Wagglies, “They show that there is clearly an interest from customers in dog supplements and that they are willing to try something new and different.”

The brand hope that these new customers will contact them to give feedback.

“At this stage, customer feedback is really essential to us. It’s an accurate picture of what real customers think of our product after using it.” continued Dan, “We are confident that our custom formula powder mix will be effective for all of our customers and their dogs but we are always looking for feedback on our listing and packaging. You can never make too many improvements!”

Wagglies’ Probiotics for Dogs are a new product from the brand who have also launched Puppy Training Pads and Dog Nail Clippers onto both Amazon UK and U.S in the last year.

Wagglies Probiotics for Dogs are now available in a 6oz bag (∼ 2+ months supply) from Amazon U.S.:…