Brett Lechtenberg’s Reclaiming The Clock, Launches To The World

Press Release

The program is comprised of 17 video modules and a comprehensive follow along workbook that actually helps the viewer assimilate the material very quickly, if not immediately into their day, week and year. 

“When people stop trying to manage time and instead start to manage their own unique values and behavior traits, their perspective of time changes dramatically,” says Lechtenberg.  “When people organize their value structure around the duties, tasks and desires they would like to accomplish in any given day you get more of the things done that truly matter to you.  Ultimately, you end each day feeling happy and less stressed.” 

Lechtenberg’s system is dramatically different than most courses of this genre.  Reclaiming the Clock teaches the user how to quickly modify their personal behaviors based around each persons unique set of circumstances, goals and desires.  This is in contrast to many traditional time management systems that utilize rules and specific sequences, and then teach the user to prioritize activities, and sort activities into necessary action steps.

Reclaiming The Clock also teaches systems not found in other time management programs.  These include: Understanding personal impact zones; how to operate in the individual’s critical 5%; and developing an individual unique mapping system.

Alex Changho, business coach, was quoted as saying, “Lechtenberg’s program is truly unique and extremely powerful.  I have never implemented a program like this that has so dramatically changed the way I look at time and how to improve my feeling of satisfaction for items complete at the end of a day or week.”  

Lechtenberg claims that nobody can actually manage time and for someone to say they can is just not realistic. 

“Nobody can actually manage time,” says Lechtenberg.  “And to say you can is just not realistic.  The general population has been misled into believing that if they just better manage their time that somehow life will be better.  The real secret is to place real value on the personal aspects of your life and follow a plan to maximize your satisfaction.”

Reclaiming The Clock is currently available as a digital download and taught in Lechtenberg’s live seminar, and is soon to be released as an 8-week webinar training and in paperback. 

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