Bruxism Remedy Center Picks the Five Top Mouth Guards for TMJD Sufferers

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Bruxism Remedy Center published a new guide to the five best mouth guards on the market for those who suffer from temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, disorders. As with the nocturnal teeth grinding known as bruxism, mouth guards are frequently used to alleviate symptoms, such as jaw pain and stiffness, of TMJ-related disorders. Because wearing a mouth guard can provide relief without the need to undergo surgery or make regular use of prescription medications, this measure is often recommended as an initial attempt at solving the problem. Available now at, the new Bruxism Remedy Center report highlights the five mouth guards today that deliver the most value and quality to TMJD sufferers, from highly affordable “boil and bite” products to professionally fitted options.

“Millions of people today suffer from jaw pain and stiffness, often with no especially obvious cause,” Bruxism Remedy Center representative Jessica Brown said, “Issues of that kind can mount to the point that they interfere greatly with quality of life, and that is fate that is always to be avoided. For many, mouth guards that are worn at night do a fine job of protecting these sometimes-troublesome joints. Our new guide to the five best products for those with TMJ disorders will therefore make for valuable reading for a great many people.”

Located just in front of the ear, the human temporomandibular joint attaches the jawbone to the skull itself, bearing the brunt of the considerable force that the muscles nearby are capable of generating. While the joint functions well and smoothly in the vast majority of people, anywhere from 5% to 12% of the population, according to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, endures associated chronic problems that lead to pain or stiffness.

This class of disorders stands out from many other chronic pain conditions in at least two notable ways: For one, young people are more likely to suffer from it than older ones; for another, the root cause of the problem often proves to be impossible to track down. Whatever the particulars, however, one time-tested strategy for dealing with TMJ disorders is to wear a yielding, resilient mouth guard at night.

As a leading online source of information for those who suffer from such problems and related ones like teeth grinding, Bruxism Remedy Center regularly reviews any products that might offer some relief. As a result, the site’s reviewers have assessed and analyzed a great many mouth guards in the past. Drawing on those experiences, they created the new Bruxism Remedy Center report on the top five such products on the market today for TMJ disorder sufferers. The new guide is online now and, as with all of Bruxism Remedy Center’s resources, is available free of charge to all visitors.

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