Buyback Express Launches Brand New Company Website

Press Release

Buyback Express, a premier website where customers can get cash for their books, movies, music, and games, has recently announced the launch of their brand new company website. The website better reflects the company’s brand and makes it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. Those who would like to see the new website and learn more about how to sell their items to Buyback Express should visit

Aaron Holt, a spokesperson for Buyback Express, commented “We’re beyond excited to have unveiled our brand new website to the world. Our team sincerely believes that the new interface is more reflective of the brand that we’ve been building for more than ten years. Because we’re concerned about providing top-notch customer service, we wanted to make it easier for customers to get instant quotes and sell their items, and our responsive design and easy navigation definitely help us achieve that goal.”

Buyback Express originally started in 2004 as The Book Place, which was an online retailer of new and used books and media. Over the years, their website evolved into a place where customers can sell their books, textbooks, and media items for top dollar, ship their items to the company for free, and get paid the same day. The new website aims to better showcase the company’s identity, make it easier for visitors to complete the selling process, and introduce a new buyback category: electronics. Customers can get more information about selling their electronics to Buyback Express at

As Holt goes on to say, “We pride ourselves on our customer-focused business model. Our purpose in launching this new website has been to give current and potential customers a better idea of who we are and to help them get what they need without hassle. Along with our commitment to offer top dollar for their items, this website is just one more tool that will aid us in our continual quest to be the best buyback site in the online arena.”

About Buyback Express:

Buyback Express was originally established in 2004 as The Book Place, an online seller of used and new books and media products. In 2010 they started the buyback website in order to give customers and others a great place to sell. Over the next five years the company significantly expanded and in late 2015 they launched their newly-branded and vastly improved site, Buyback Express prides themselves on their customer-focused business model and try their very best to pay the top prices available anywhere, making them the best buyback site online.