Carsoda Launches Brand New Shopify Store To offer The Best In Handmade Car Accessories

Press Release

Cars have traditionally attracted a primarily masculine audience, and this unfortunately means that the majority of car accessories seem to drip with testosterone and have a coarse, aggressive styling to them that means many women feel unable to give their cars the personality they want. Fortunately, Carsoda exploded in popularity when they began creating customizable, bling car accessories for women. They have now grown large enough to open their own exclusive online store, featuring a huge range of car accessories and more.

Carsoda’s new online store features a huge range of customizable accessories, including rear view mirror charms, customizable lettering, console covers, mobile phone holders, car trash cans and more. The items are all made of the highest quality materials and are full of charm and character, while also being able to be fully customized for the individual.

To celebrate the launch of their own dedicated store, the company has expanded its remit beyond regular car accessories to special occasion items like wedding accessories, and themed items for specific vehicles including VW and Mini. Taken together, the vast new collection ensures there is something for everyone looking to add a personal touch to their car.

A spokesperson for Carsoda explained, “Since the time we started three years ago, it’s been our mission to give a personal touch to the interior of every car. Now our manufacturing requirements have outgrown our individual capabilities, we cooperate with talented craftsmen and qualified OEM factories. What’s more, all products can be customized according to our customers’ requirements on size, color, pattern, flower and bow decorations and more. This ensures quality is guaranteed without having to diminish the personal touch that makes our products so special.”

About Carsoda: Carsoda originally set out to create the ultimate bling car interior accessories, including customized steering wheel covers, cute seat belt covers, center console covers, bling rear view mirror decors, sun visor accessories, shift knob and hand brake covers,cute car organizers, headrests pillows, trash bags, tissue box covers and other matching accessories set. They have gone from strength to strength and now have their own online store.