Case Study Atlantis Submarines Success with New Reputation Marketing

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Atlantis Submarines and (HHR) have created a detailed case study of the launch of its innovative reputation marketing using 5-star reviews of the Submarine Adventure Tours. The videos animate guests review on TripAdvisor and other review sites, including reviews and feedback left on the Atlantis website. Using high impact images and live action filming on location, the video presentation shows and tells the full experience in the words of an independent guest. The review videos are published to a proprietary digital media network including the HHR holiday planning site using behaviour responsive and persoanlity matching technology.

The detailed case study of Atlantis Submarines Barbados review-video marketing shows a significant jump in search ranking and high customer engagement with the new reputation marketing strategies. See…

Ian R. Clayton, CEO of AXSES, the team behind HHR and the AllCast Productions, says: “Guest reviews are highly authoritative and trusted by today’s shoppers. Almost everyone reads them but until now, it just has not been that cost effective to build professional animations of the review. With our new semi-automated video rendition we can now produce high impact professional video with professional actors at costs that are way below industry averages. To this we add customised animation that tells a visual story. Shoppers get to experience the service from the eyes of a real guest in ways that make it come alive.”

The new service takes a static review and makes it visual and distributes it across the Internet, including to top digital media and the client’s own social network. According to Clayton, the hotel and tourism operation reaches a wide audience with visual information which engages more and gets more reaction.

“Guests stay longer and do more”, says Clayton.“We have shown a 500% increase in engagement and 300% more action in our case studies.”

The venture allows tourism-based business to create their own unique videos of 5-star reviews of past clients that shows potential customers exactly what the company offers thorough the eyes of a real client. This approach to reputation marketing utilizes animated video, live action film, green screen productions and a professional spokesperson providing the introduction and call to action. A different voice is used to narrate the actual review which is animated with video and images.

“This case was interesting on many points,” Kathy-Lynn Ward, COO of AXSES adds, saying that the initial photo used in the press release on did not deliver the desired results – with viewership at fewer than 400 in the first week. The photo was then replaced and the press release re-launched. The number of viewers climbed to over 4000 in the space of just a few days on the Newswire network alone. The press release was also picked up by over 100 media sites and syndicated to over 200 sites.

This chain of events proved to the Atlantis Submarines and HHR Teams that the use of vivid and appealing images and live video is vastly superior to using text and audio exclusively. The team has planned to use this information going forward, to further enhance the original green-screen productions, voice-overs and animation already being used.

In addition to review-video marketing, also employs its revolutionary behaviour-responsive systems on its holiday planning platforms. This system documents a user’s behavioral patterns while searching for the right accommodation or holiday option. It then provides the user with a list of results that match, not only their budget, but also their personality and interests. The system does this by comparing the user’s preferences to its database of the personality traits of each property and tourism-based operator. This improves search results and ensures that users get exactly what they need from the system, saving them time by eliminating unwanted results. The holiday planning system is implemented now on

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