Chevron Automotive Launches While-You-Wait Safety Certificate Service

Press Release

Chevron Automotive Launches While-You-Wait Safety Certificate Service for Gold Coast motorists visiting the Harbour Town Shopping Precinct.

Queensland Roadworthy Certificates are imperative for all vehicles on Queensland roads and are now available while-you-wait and are now available by phoning to book in a car, which fans and consumers within the car repair space should find particularly interesting.

Chevron Automotive did something different compared to other businesses in the car repair space, by listening to customers who wanted a while-you-wait service.

The 45-60 minutes it takes to complete the Queensland Safety Certificate (Roadworthy Certificate or RWC) can be used to have a coffee or visit Harbour Town Shopping Centre across the road.

Safety certificates are imperative for all vehicles on Queensland roads

Any work required to complete the provisions of the Safety Certificate can be carried out by a qualified mechanic or by re-booking the car into Chevron Automotive

A safety certificate inspection is not a comprehensive mechanical inspection. If buying or selling a used vehicle, a qualified mechanic should be engaged for a full mechanical inspection.

Chevron Automotive got it’s start when Founder Paul Zimmerman noticed a growing need for a quick Roadworthy Certificate was created in response to clients’ feedback. Paul has over 20 years prior experience in the car servicing world. This is in addition to years of experience in and a passion for restoring and repairing classic American cars.

Paul Zimmerman is quoted saying: “We like to do things to connect with customers. Things like, we train staff in giving 5 Star service, and releasing these little factoids even though Queensland Road Safety Certificates are available from other mechanics to remind the market, are what make all the difference.”

Queensland Road Safety Certificate has been provided by Chevron Automotive for 6 months. To find out more, it’s possible to visit

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