Comedic Author & Writer Announces Partnership For Naked And Afraid Application

Press Release

The American best-selling author & comedy writer, Sonja Landis, announced a partnership with other stand-up comedians, including the prominent Los Angeles comic Marc Lowe, for her Naked and Afraid audition video.

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Sonja Landis is a former US Air Force Airborne Reconnaissance Officer turned best-selling author & comedy writer who has just released her second solo book entitled “The Anti-Officer: The True Story of a Chick Turned Airborne Reconnaissance… And Why It Was All a Really Bad Idea”.

The popular comedic storyteller has now partnered with other stand-up comedians, including former US Air Force Pilot and now famous Los Angeles comic Marc Lowe, to develop an audition video, to be released soon, as part of her application for the Discovery Channel hit survival TV show Naked and Afraid.

The comedian Marc Lowe has also featured as a main character in Landis’ latest humor nonfiction memoir “The Anti-Officer”, currently available on Amazon, sharing the adventures, comedic misadventures and debacles of her eight-year journey around the world, including deployments in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Japan, Greece and England, as the self-professed “least-lethal officer in the military”

Sonja Landis reveals that one of her main objectives is to put out an important message and voice regarding the perception of military veterans and active or transitioning military personnel and their families.

She states that “the Hollywood industry can often portray military men as either lethal snipers and nationally recognized heroes, or as depressed with extreme PTSD struggles and demons, but there are thousands and thousands of us in between, especially women, and we have stories to tell, too. Funny human stories. Aircrew stories of friendship and mischief and of ordinary people in extraordinary situations”.

More information on the duo-comedian Naked and Afraid audition video and details on Sonja Landis’ books, including her latest memoir “The Anti-Officer”, her Amazon best-selling joint literary project “Nothing But Net” or her debut book “Master’s Degree is Useless?!?!: How Chelsea Handler, Booze, and Reality TV Teach Better Modern-Day Business Lessons Better Than the Lecture Halls”, can be requested on the website link provided above.