Creative Bioarray Increased Its Hepatoma Cells Variety

Press Release

5th, May, 2016, Creative Bioarray announced its increase on the variety of Hepatoma cells under tumor cells. Now there are 17 hepatoma cells available for related researches and studies. That’s one type of the organ specific tumor cells Creative Bioarray. And later on, the company will make more improvement on the variety of other tumor cells.

The 17 hepatoma cells Creative Bioarray providing are SNU-886, SNU-878, SNU-761, SNU-739, SNU-475, SNU-449, SNU-423, SNU-398, SNU-387, SNU-182, PLC/PRF5, NCI-H684, NCI-H1688, Hua7, Chang Liver, HEP-G2, and HEP-3B, among which Huh7 cells, Chang Liver, and HEP-3B are the featured ones of the company in recent months as they are in increasing demand by clients.

The shipment requirements will be strictly obeyed to ensure the quality of cells when reach clients. Storing in liquid nitrogen and shipping in dry ice are the basic condition for transporting. Specific description for storage is presented in the page of cells.

All the cells in this category are human originated. Some of them are even patented because of their special significance in related scientific studies. The director of R&D department of the company said:”The rich variety of Hapatoma cells at Creative Bioarray will make labs and organizations collect all the cells regarding of liver diseases research at one place, saving time to find other suppliers. And that’s one of the aims of the company-to be a comprehensive provider in cells. Later we will do more to enrich our sub-products, including research involved kits and equipment to make Creative Bioarray a one stop place for cells studies”.

Hepatoma cells are of great meaning in the study for liver cancer treatment. Enhanced quality, low passage, and authenticated cell line identity are the advantages of the cell lines that Creative Bioarray provides to boost the research process.

Author Bio
Creative Bioarray is an international cells and related services supplier based in Long Island City, NY, USA. Besides tumor cells, there are also many other types of cells including primary cells and stem cells. Other sub products like Cytokines & Growth Factors, reagents and assay kits are also supplied to assist researches.