Creative Biolabs Announces Single Domain Antibody Production Services for Antibody Engineering Research

Press Release

It is well known that single domain antibody (sdAb) is an antibody fragment that consists of a single monomeric variable antibody domain. Like a whole antibody, it is able to bind to a specific antigen selectively. With a molecular weight of only 12–15 kDa, single-domain antibodies are much smaller than common antibodies (150–160 kDa) which are composed of two heavy protein chains and two light chains, and even smaller than Fab fragments (~50 kDa, one light chain and half a heavy chain) and single-chain variable fragments (~25 kDa, two variable domains, one from a light and one from a heavy chain).

Creative Biolabs is glad to provide a series of sdAb services and products for antibody engineering research use.

Creative Biolabs is a recognized supplier in the field of single domain antibody production and single domain antibody library. It is specialized in generating single domain antibodies against any targets. It also provides a wide range of services, including the construction of single domain antibody libraries with llama and camel, the construction of synthetic camelised human single domain antibody libraries with DNA synthesis, bio-panning of single domain antibodies libraries and large scale production of recombinant single domain antibodies.

How Creative Biolabs Produces sdAbs

Once the most potent clones are identified, their DNA sequence is codon-optimized and expressed in either bacteria cells or mammalian cells. Creative Biolabs is able to engineer single domain antibodies in a wide range of formats, such as unique multivalent, bivalent and bi-specific molecules. Customer can also expect expertise in conducting affinity maturation of sdAbs. Quantitative library sorting by yeast surface display or phage display is applied in improving the affinity of sdAbs.

“They are capable of providing other related services to their clients, like single domain antibody affinity maturation, bispecific single domain antibody production and single domain antibody discovery against membrane proteins by DNA immunization”, said Dr. Monica Müller, Scientific Officer of Creative Biolabs, “The commitment is to assist more scientists in their antibody engineering research.”

About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs is specialized in providing custom biotechnology and pharmaceutical services that cover the full scope of biotechnology needs of early antibody drug discovery and development. As a trusted provider of the most cost-effective outsourcing solutions, Creative Biolabs has been working for a large number of satisfied clients from biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies as well as government and academic research laboratories all over the world.