Crown Kandy Publishing Completely Reinvents Coloring for Adults

Press Release

Summary: Chicago publishing group has launched the world’s FIRST ever, all-in-one Adult Tranquility Coloring Kit on Kickstarter. The Adult Tranquility Coloring Kit promotes relaxation, inner-peace, mindfulness, and stress relief for adults. It’s the first kit ever to encompass an adult coloring book, a jigsaw puzzle, a 54-pc card game, 24-high quality coloring pencils, a pencil sharpener, an aromatherapy “chamomile” sachet, and its own carrying case. It is nostalgic elegance in a box.

Crown Kandy Publishing recently announced the launch of their all-in-one Adult Tranquility Coloring Kit, the new kit will come with all the essentials necessary for adults to begin using the power of creative relaxation to relieve the stress of everyday grownup life. Simultaneously, The Adult Tranquility Coloring Kit crowdfunding campaign has also been launched on the most popular crowfunding platform Kickstarter with a funding goal of at least $20,000 to be pledged by Tue, May 24 2016.

Colouring for grown ups is not a new concept, the idea has really caught on for the past few years as more grownups are now adopting it as a relaxing and therapeutic pastime. The idea of using coloring books is usually attributed to kids, however many grownups who are using coloring books believe that it enables them to explore their creative senses. Every element of the newly launched Adult Tranquility Coloring Kit has been carefully designed and hand selected to allow anyone to delve into a calming and stress relieving art therapy session with its adult coloring book, a jigsaw puzzle, a 54-pc card game, 24-high quality coloring pencils, a pencil sharpener, an aromatherapy “chamomile” sachet, and its own carrying case.

The Adult Coloring Books have been created by professional artists who have created beautiful illustrations to capture the complex imagination of adults. With 10 titles/themes to choose from Crown Kandy Publishing has hired illustrators from around the globe to create hipper illustrations than what is generally found in coloring for adults books. The themes include Romance & Intimacy for Couples (Rated X), Fashion, Dream Homes & Décor, Healthy Living, Classic Cars, Hip-Hop, Tattoos & Patterns, Nature and Travel, and Classic 70’s, 80’s & 90’s. What makes these coloring books so different is that they are spiral bound, single sided, and printed on a high-quality, heavy stock paper to prevent bleed through from markers or gel pens. Thus, making each coloring book a great keepsake after it is filled with an array of colors featuring user’s creative outlook.

The funds raised through the crowdfunding campaign will be allocated towards manufacturing and taking the product as well as the brand to the next level. The crowdfunding project offers various pledge options to suit different preferences. A variety of different rewards and perks are also being offered to prize the generosity of those who support the campaign and the project through their monetary contributions.

About: Crown Kandy Publishing is a Chicago-based independent publishing house of stress relieving adult coloring books and the creators of the world’s first, all-in-one Adult Tranquility Coloring Kit. For more information, please visit:

Crown Kandy Publishing
1127 S Mannheim Road, Ste. 313, Westchester, lllinois, 60154