Custom Wytelyne Sets Off on New Powder Coating Public Awareness Campaign

Press Release

Custom Wytelyne Powder Coating Ltd launched a new public awareness campaign. As one of the United Kingdom’s top powder coating specialists for over thirty years, Custom Wytelyne regularly works with individual customers to develop the solutions most appropriate to their needs. Through the company’s new initiative, Custom Wytelyne will help spread awareness to the public at large as to the many possibilities and uses of powder coating.

“Whether for small orders that we coat by hand or large runs that pass through our high-capacity Gema reciprocators, we take pride in delivering exactly what each and every one of our customers needs,” Custom Wytelyne Managing Director Martin Gould said, “It’s a real pleasure to help our clients understand their options when they come to us for assistance, and we think many others could benefit from that kind of attention. With our new public awareness campaign, we’re going to try to spread the word further about the advantages of powder coating and the many associated options.”

The various kinds of paint that most people are familiar with work according to the same basic principle, whereby a liquid known as a “binder” forms a film as it dries, keeping the color-imparting pigments and wear-resistant fillers it contains held in place on a surface. Powder coating is an entirely different approach, with, as the name suggests, a dry, specially formulated powder being bound directly to carefully prepared surfaces with the aid of electrical energy.

Powder coated finishes can be particularly tough and durable, since the properties of the fillers and pigments they comprise are not diluted by a binder. As is detailed at the Custom Wytelyne website at, both manual and mostly automatic means of applying such coatings are available. Thanks to these appealing traits, annual global demand for powder coating services has been estimated at over £4 billion, with research firm Acmite Market Intelligence predicting 6% average yearly growth for the near future.

For more than three decades, Custom Wytelyne has been one of the United Kingdom’s leading providers of this important kind of work. With a full range of services that are described at, Custom Wytelyne offers everything from seven-stage zinc phosphate or chromate pre-treatment options to carefully monitored curing of coated pieces with radiant heat, camel-back, or box oven. Optional packaging and delivery further simplify things for clients, with the entire complement of service offerings being available to tune to each job’s particular needs.

The company’s new campaign will help spread awareness as to what powder coating can offer, what the most common options are, and how the process works. Those interested in learning more can do so at the Custom Wytelyne website and are invited to send their questions to company representatives.

About Custom Wytelyne Powder Coating Ltd:
Since 1984, Custom Wytelyne has provided the best in powder coating and related services to clients throughout South East England.