Developersin Launch New iOS Development To Complement Popular Android Division

Press Release

Apps are a huge potential market, and the digital world is awash with news of the latest breakout success, with businesses transitioning their customers to app usage and in doing so, reaping the rewards. Apps enable businesses to contact customers directly through their phones, serve as a constant reminder of the brand to customers, and make offering support, products and special offers easier than ever. Developersin specialize in Android app development, and has now added iOS development to their services, effectively doubling the market penetration businesses can expect from apps developed by their specialized team.

Developersin enable businesses to effectively and economically outsource their app development needs. Their dedicated team of app developers are passionate about understanding businesses in terms of both the challenges and opportunities they face, then creating an app that will maximize utility to customers.

The new iOS app development services mean that businesses can float an app on either Apple or Android products in order to test the response before covering both platforms, or simply make their app available to 90% of phone users simultaneously. The development team has worked tirelessly to upskill in iOS app development to ensure they are now the most competitive developer in the marketplace.

A spokesperson for Developersin explained, “We are thrilled to be able to announce our new iOS app development capabilities. Having specialized in Android app development and seen how our products can revolutionize business results on behalf of clients, we had to double down and ensure we could make our apps universally accessible to smartphone users. The iOS market is doubtless the most passionate about technological advancements, and as such is the ideal platform for businesses to push bold new initiatives and ways of working. We are excited about what this will mean both for our business and for our clients throughout the rest of 2016.”

About Developersin: Developersin is a professional Mobile App Development Company, ready to take businesses into the future of online business practice. Their skilled app developers are ready to meet every need to the highest standards. Their passionate team dedicates itself to the development of outstanding iOS applications that will help companies improve retention, customer lifetime value and engagement, guaranteeing outstanding ROI.