Development Agency Announces Expansion To Include Android App Development And Conversion

Press Release

Mobile phone apps are an essential part of any modern business’ strategic development, presenting both an exciting opportunity and a high stakes gamble. A well designed app can be a runaway success, while a badly designed app can lose customers forever. As such, businesses must be careful about who they choose to develop their apps. Development Agency has had an outstanding reputation in the iPhone market, and has now announced they are expanding their services to provide Android App development and conversion for the first time, effectively doubling the market for business users.

Android devices are now used by the majority of smartphone users, meaning it is a hugely important market to break into for businesses looking to develop apps for their products and services. Development Agency has upskilled its entire team in Android programming languages and development and testing strategies, to ensure their Android capabilities match their famed iOS development.

The website now features a full history of Android and a view into the future of app development on the platform, as well as a comprehensive overview of the Android Development services they can offer, which include converting existing iOS apps to Android to enable businesses to access users using both kinds of devices.

A spokesperson for AppDevelopmentAgency explained, “We are pleased to be able to offer Android app development to our users throughout the UK and overseas. We have spent months in preparation for this expansion, working tirelessly as a unit to ensure that every one of our programmers is capable of delivering the same high standard that our existing uses expect from us for iOS apps. Android offers us a whole new market, and we are excited about what that means both for us and for the businesses we work with, as we can now double audiences for new app launches.”

About Development Agency: Development Agency is a UK based app and digital development agency offering custom applications, online software solutions and mobile apps. The company is known for its unparalleled expertise and swift execution, with contracts completed by an experienced team of industry leading professionals, including designers, developers, programmers and more. The company now offers Android app developers.