Digital Marketing Agency’s Online Experts Produce Engaging Content for Their Clients

Press Release

Big and small business often struggle to keep customers’ attention long enough to actually make an impact on them. A big part of a successful marketing platform, is providing engaging content to help keep customers from loosing interest. There are multiple ways businesses can keep their customers’ interest; ultimately giving them a reason to come back for more. Digital marketing experts at digital advertising agency, Yurz, Inc., offer engaging content to help keep potential and existing customers from losing interest in their brand too quickly.

“When potential customers visit a business’s website for the first time, it’s important they spend more than just a few minutes there,” explained Yurz, Inc.’s CEO, Jeffrey Essebag. “A great way to come up with engaging content, is to look at it from the customer’s perspective,” finished Essebag.

Yurz, Inc. offers its clients a Facebook Business Page, where they can post a plethora of content, in order to engage with their target demographic. The content posted on a business’s webpage should have clickable components to it. Catchy titles, calls to action, and video content are all great examples of how to get customers to spend quality time on a company’s site.

Yurz, Inc. strongly encourages their clients to upload their own video content to their sites. When a video starts to play on the company’s site, the viewer will often feel compelled to watch it. Not only is video content engaging, but it is an effective way to help the customer get to know the business on a personal level. This video content can also help enforce the business’s brand, which can leave a lasting impression on potential customers.

“Consumers often search the internet before making big purchases, so it’s crucial that the site leaves a lasting impression; therefore, preventing them from quickly clicking onto the next site they find,” pointed out Jeffrey Essebag, CEO of Yurz, Inc. Yurz, Inc. has digital experts that know exactly what kinds of content customers look for when searching for a service, and work to implement that on their clients’ pages.

The digital experts at Yurz, Inc. pride themselves on their creative ability to find engaging content for all their clients. Small and big businesses alike continue to benefit from the digital marketing services of Yurz, Inc., as it is expanding nationwide. For inquires contact a Yurz, Inc. representative at (800) 699-8243 or visit for more information.