Ecostrat’s Biomass Supply Network Is the Largest in Canada

Press Release

Specializing in biofuel supply networks, consulting, fuel procurement services, and biomass products, Ecostrat is excited to announce that its Biomass Supply Network is the largest, with a comprehensive database of over 80% of all major point sources of fiber supply in North America. This extensive database contains the most reliable information for biomass fiber supply sources in the United States and Canada.

Businesses searching for biomass fiber supplies are able to find the required supply source closer to their operations by taking advantage of the Biomass Supply Network. The Biomass Supply Network has detailed information on suppliers offering construction and demolition, post-industrial, virgin biomass fiber supplies.
Ecostrat spent over ten years and over 30,000 human resource hours, developing, collecting, consolidating, and parsing of data sources to build their comprehensive, reliable, and extensive Biomass Supply Network. The results of their efforts is a quick and easy data solution for finding sources of post-industrial wood, chips, forest residues, and pulpwood within the United States and Canada.

The Biomass Supply Network is the “Gold Standard” for understanding the costs associated with fiber supply sources and availability. The database has information on over 75 million tons of supply sources using Ecostrat’s qualified and proprietary data. As a result of the ongoing efforts by the professionals at Ecostrat, they have paved the way as industry leaders when businesses need to know actual “ask” prices for biomass sources from various supplies.

Costs are largely based upon what a supplier is willing to provide a company for a project and the price they are willing to sell it to that particular supplier, which is referred to as the “ask” price. The “ask” prices available from Ecostrat are not the prices from buyers, but from real manufacturers and producers of feedstock and biomass fuel sources. In addition, the Biomass Supply Network was built using “project availability” quantities from suppliers, not necessarily how much biomass fuel sources suppliers actually have, but what they can commit to projects and sell.

Not only is Ecostrat’s Biomass Supply Network the largest, the company is also one of the only biomass fuel company to operate its own global biofuel and supply transportation network. The company’s extensive transportation network consists of trucks and ocean and rail vessels that encompass the entire globe, including the United States and Canada. Together, both the Biomass Supply Network and Ecostrat’s global transportation network ensures customers receive the biomass products they require for their projects, on time, regardless of where they need them delivered.

For more information about Ecostrat, a free demonstration of the company’s Biomass Supply Network, or related consulting, fuel procurement services, and biomass products, please feel free to visit their official website at or contact a representative directly by phoning 416-968-8884.

About Ecostrat

For over twenty years, Ecostrat has supplied hundreds of thousands of tons of biomass products and wood fuel throughout North America to businesses in the United States and Canada. The company offers a wide range of biomass solutions and related services, including virgin, post-industrial, and demolition and construction derived wood fuels. Ecostrat’s highly skilled professionals are experienced primarily in the biomass wood industry. As such, they are able to utilize their knowledge, skills, and latest technologies to create the largest spanning biomass and fuel network, not only in North America, but around the world. In addition, their experts provide reliable, high quality products, with straight-forward solutions and on-time delivery, every single time.