ELF925 Launches New Sterling Silver Necklaces Range with Swarovski® Crystals

Press Release

The design and development team, at this Thailand based silver jewelry manufacturer, has identified a gap in the market for more sophisticated fine necklaces, and have decided to use the Swarovski® crystal range to help them to fill that gap. This innovative wholesale jeweler is tapping into the fact that modern consumers are now looking for jewelry that is more sophisticated.

After close on a decade, where plain silver jewelry has dominated the market there are signs that jewelry buyers are ready for a change, but a subtle one. Over the past 12 months, the catwalks have been full of chunky statement pieces of jewelry that draw the eye to the neck or wrist. However, consumers have largely ignored this trend and have not snapped up these bold pieces when they have appeared in retail outlets.

It is clear that modern consumers still want their jewelry to accent their clothes rather than be the first thing people notice about their outfit. Therefore, demand for delicate, subtle pieces is still far stronger than it is for the bold designs that many fashion jewelers have recently brought to market. The designers at ELF925 foresaw this, so focused on taking the sophistication of their wholesale jewelry range up a notch, for 2016.

When they found the Swarovski® La Crystale range, the design team knew that they had found what they needed. The crystals in the range capture and reflect back the light beautifully, and are all top quality. These crystals are available in a range of subtle colors including amber, pink, light sapphire, turquoise and violet. These tones work particularly well with the subtle colors that many fashion houses are using in their designs this year.

The designers at ELF925 have taken the high quality crystals provided by Swarovski® and turned them into a stunning range of necklaces. There are 20 plus different colored crystals available, in a wide range of shapes and sizes, including circles, ovals, rectangles as well as the always-popular heart and teardrop shapes. In total there are 17 different shapes available, all set in a beautiful sterling silver clasp on a fine chain.

In 2015, they worked with another crystal supplier to introduce subtly colored stones into their teenager’s range. Sales for these items were strong from the start and ELF925 are expecting to see strong demand from the start for their range of sophisticated crystal necklaces