Fast-Growing, Ontario-Based Furnace Rental Expands West Through Alberta

Press Release

Furnace Rental has expanded its service area to include major cities in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, the company reported at Having grown to become one of Ontario’s leading providers of furnace, air conditioning, water heater, and other rentals, Furnace Rental now offers its industry-leading services throughout Calgary and Edmonton in Alberta; in Winnipeg in Manitoba; and in Regina and Saskatoon in Saskatchewan.

As before, Furnace Rental clients throughout the expanded service area receive top-quality equipment with no up-front costs, credit checks, or ongoing obligations, making the company’s offerings the most affordable, accessible ways to equip a home with all the heating, cooling, and other amenities that might be needed. More information can be found at the Furnace Rental website at, where visitors can also sign up for a free, two-minute quote and learn about the company’s current special offers.

“We’re happy to announce that our long-awaited expansion is well underway, and we are now serving clients as far west as Calgary,” Furnace Rental part-owner Simon Alexander said, “Having built up our service area to cover most populated parts of Ontario, this was a natural next step for us, and we’d like to thank the thousands of clients who have made it possible. We think families throughout the major cities of Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan are going to really appreciate what we have to offer, and we promise to keep up the quality of service that has earned us so many loyal, satisfied customers.”

Between installation costs and the price of the device itself, having a furnace replaced in a Canadian home today will invariably cost many thousands of dollars. While that kind of upfront investment can make sense for some, many families find it difficult to accumulate the necessary capital, with the possibility of being on the hook for future repair bills posing another unpleasant prospect. That leads many to struggle with older furnaces that drive up heating bills with their inefficiency, even while they drain household budgets further by breaking down regularly.

Furnace Rental provides an attractive way out of this common dilemma and others of a similar kind, in addition to having much to offer to those in a range of markedly different situations. With no credit checks or upfront costs to clients, the company installs top-quality furnaces, air conditioners, water heaters and softeners, and other equipment at easily affordable terms. As greatly improved efficiency and reliability further lighten the load for clients, Furnace Rental also provides expert 24/7/365 service at no additional charge, with many customers even receiving company-submitted government rebates in the bargain.

This appealing combination of terms and options has made Furnace Rental a valuable asset for thousands of customers throughout Ontario. In extending the company’s services to the most populated parts of Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan, Furnace Rental opens up an important option to even more Canadian families. Those interested can learn more at

About Furnace Rental:
Canadian-owned and operated, Furnace Rental provides the best in full-service furnace, air conditioning, water heater, and other rentals to clients in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, with no upfront charges and free, fast repairs and maintenance.