First Call Home Services Now Offers Cleaning and Yard Service in Brisbane

Press Release

First Call Home Services, one of the best-reviewed and most frequently recommended cleaning companies in Ipswich and Springfield Lakes, has expanded its service area to include all of Brisbane. With experienced, background-checked cleaning technicians and full insurance, First Call Home Services has delivered top quality work and valuable peace of mind to customers throughout its original service area, and will now do the same for clients in Brisbane. Brisbane Bond Cleaning customers can take advantage of the company’s unbeatable express appointment special, with the full range of First Call Home Services options, including expert lawn care, also being available.

“We’re excited to report that we now have expanded our service area to include all of Brisbane,” First Call Home Services founder Aaron Athorn said, “We’d like to thank the many loyal customers who have made this possible, and we look forward to serving many new ones in Brisbane. We’re committed to becoming just as much of a leader at carpet, regular, and Bond Cleaning in Brisbane as we are in Springfield Lakes and Ipswich. Whether for making sure that everything is in order at the end of a lease, freshening things up when spring arrives, or getting some help around the yard, we are ready and eager to serve.”

Although they are not always required, most rental agreements in Queensland include the posting by the tenant of an associated bond meant to secure the property owner against damages or unpaid rent. The state sets a limit on the size of required bonds at four times the weekly rent where the latter figure is $700 or less, with the involved parties being left to their own negotiations at higher levels.

What this often means is that tenants are confronted with the possibility of forfeiting a fair amount of money when their leases run out. With a bond already in hand, leasing agents are prone to scrutinizing the condition and cleanliness of rental properties in especially focused and demanding ways.

Since the company’s founding, First Call Home Services has proved to be a great source of peace of mind for Ipswich and Springfield Lakes tenants and agents alike. By providing reliable, top-quality cleaning services on demand, the fully insured company helps tenants get their bonds back and greatly eases the work of agents. With all crew members undergoing rigorous background checks, First Call Home Services clients rest easy knowing that their every need will be taken care of.

This same high uniformly high level of service is now available throughout Brisbane. From thorough, full-fledged, end-of-lease cleaning service to targeted carpet cleaning or yard maintenance, First Call Home Services commits to providing the same client- and community-focused work in Brisbane that has already helped to make the company such a success.

About First Call Home Services:
Serving clients in Springfield Lakes, Jimboomba, Greenbank, Ipswich and throughout Brisbane, First Call Home Services provides the best in bond, exit, and carpet cleaning, along with top-quality yard maintenance assistance.