FIS FedFis Digital Prospector Helps FinTech Firms Save Financial Institutions

Press Release

FIS FedFis has announced the launch of FedFis Digital Prospector, a new tool that will help FinTech companies connect with financial institutions going digital. With the new products, FinTech firms will have access to blended financial institution data and analysis that facilitate FinTech and banking FinTegration. FinTech can save financial institutions by bridging the gap between in-demand, convenient, cost-effective digital frameworks and the know-how needed to successfully implement them, and FedFis Digital Prospector delivers the ultimate conduit to do so.

There is a digital revolution changing customer behaviors, and banks are trying hard to adapt. Oftentimes, FinTech companies are more knowledgeable about the digital framework but lack an understanding of the existing institution’s ecosystem and how to illustrate their products financial impact. Knowing the core, online, and mobile is the starting point to qualifying a prospect.

Using score calculations of FI acquisition risk/reward, contract profitability, and overall bank health, FedFis Digital Prospector determines anoverall prospect FI rating. Combining financial institution data and FinTech data, it delivers a robust built-in ROI model. Packed with key financial data and ecosystem data like core processor, internet banking vendor, and mobile, FIS FedFis is delivering a one-stop hub for critical data and more.

According to Dave Mayo, CEO at FIS FedFis, “FinTech will stop the destruction of banks, not cause it, if they understand Bank financial culture. Digital Prospector creates the first FinTech ecosystem by blending digital products and bank financial data that actually helps both sides with FinTegration.”

About FIS FedFis – FIS FedFis is a partner to the banking industry and serves the largest financial services firms around the world with comprehensive financial data analysis products, news, and the company’s latest product, FedFis Digital Prospector – a blend of FiinTech and banking data to facilitate Fintegration. Additional details can be found at