Foodon TV Network Reaches Three Million Monthly Video Views

Press Release

Foodon TV India Private Limited is pleased to announce that its visitor count now numbers more than three million monthly video views, as well as hundreds of thousands of website visitors. Foodon TV Network began in a village in India under the auspices of the young son of a farmer. The Indian food recipes network is now operating four YouTube channels and three websites in English and Hindi. The home village is Khijadiya , Gujarat, India. More than three million monthly video views and hundreds of thousands of website visitors are noted each month. Now that the organization has become a company, it will be able to expand its business operation in a way that provides employment in the small village.

According to the CEO, Nikunj Vasoya, “Food is the cheapest source of happiness in the world”. He continues, “The network was started alone by me and now it is providing employment to half a dozen people. Our aim is to provide high quality vegetarian Indian food recipes content to food lovers to bring at least three smiles a day. The recipes are indicative of Indian street food.

Food recipes run from very simple foods, often prepared in imaginative ways, to more elaborate concoctions. The recipes are accompanied by attractive images to show the cook how the finished product can be served for maximum visual appeal. The YouTube videos demonstrate short subjects that appeal to those with an interest in foods, cooking and even travel.

The food choices presented in the Indian cooking recipes include many vegetable choices, but also include street foods such as chicken, eggs and others. Among the veg recipes of India are options sorted by ingredients, so that the meal can be prepared at home which tastes like those available from the top Indian restaurants. Paneer, Aloo Palak and Gulab Jamun |are included in the recipe files, with more delectables added daily.