Fort Saskatchewan Electronics Alberta Earth Day Sale & Tree Campaign Launched

Press Release

Fort Saskatchewan electronics company, Cambridge Electronics Incorporated, a Telus authorized dealer, celebrated the fourth anniversary of Telus on Earth Day by announcing their new recycling program, sale, and listing the ways it continues to support the environment and local community. It has a new recycling program in place where customers who come in to buy a new phone can recycle their old one for credit, and will also pay to have a tree planted on customers’ behalf for participating in the Telus Trade and Save Program. Depending on the mobile phone selected, there will also be a number of other credits available.

More information can be found on the Cambridge Electronics Incorporated website at:

Telus has always prides itself on being a future friendly company, doing its part to be responsible to ensure future generations can have a healthy world to live in. The tree planting campaign and recycling offer is their way of contributing to that healthy future. The company also strives for high levels of customer satisfaction, and breaks this dedication down into five different promises.

The Teluus staff always take time to listen to each individual customer, ascertaining their needs before offering any suggestions. The website elaborates on how the staff will always aim to be courteous, helpful and respectful, and how each customer’s plan will always be explained in full so there are no nasty surprises. The store has the largest supply of phones and accessories in the area, and experiences staff with over twenty years in the business.

Cambridge Electronics has been operating for twenty two years and has announced it is very proud of the four year Telus milestone. Because of this it is offering a vast range of discounted phones and accessories in the celebratory sale,and promise to plant a tree for every customer who takes part. Full details are available on the Telus website for anyone interested in making a purchase. There is a contact form online for anyone with questions about the company, or alternatively they can be reached at