Fotini Bitrou Launches Yoga Retreat Events in Aegina Island for Summer 2016

Press Release

Greece enjoys sunshine form March to October and becomes a preferred destination for yoga retreats throughout that period. Yoga connects the soul with the body and nature and Greece offers a natural landscape under a unique light to rejuvenate and calibrate internal awareness, guided by some of the best expert teachers. Itineraries include yoga, detox fasting, dynamic yoga and hot yoga, in most cases combined with soft adventure such as running, trekking and cycling while appealing to families, ladies and groups. Depending on the destination, the travel design can include healing holistic therapies and healthy gourmet recipes. Ideal destinations for yoga retreats in Greece is Aegina island, only an hour far from Athens.

A yoga holiday to a wonderful spot in Aegina island, only 17 miles by ferry from the main port of Athens, Piraeus, gives a chance to clear heads and to breathe deeply again. Among the Top 8 spots for practice yoga on the island, with full of energy like the Temple of Aphaia which is said to ’house’ the energy of the Goddess and Ancient Olive Grove with trees is believed to be 1800 years old and spectacular beaches and mountain sides.

Aegina island, as it is not as “manicured” as some other popular Greek islands with foreign tourists, the island is mainly visited by Greeks during the weekends. This simply adds to its charm and authenticity. Once you get there, even from the minute you reach its port you receive this natural feeling of simplicity and calm. Fishing boats and glamorous yachts all mixed together while moored on site. Aegina simply combines everything from popular sites to visit, good quality local food, sandy beaches with fresh clear waters to delight everyone senses as well as some excellent trekking tours. The pistachio tree orchards (Aegina’s most famous export) is one treat that visitors must try, but also interesting to experience the whole production procedure.

Aegina has been an island of exceeding importance over the ancient and modern times. It was the first capital of the contemporary Greek State. The city of Aegina (where the central port is located) is situated on the west side of the island. It is really picturesque and humming with life all year round. The church of Saint Nicolas, small and picturesque, welcomes the visitor as he enters the port. The Archaeological Site of Kolona (Column) together with the Archaeological Museum as well as the Museum of Folklore and History of the Municipality of Aegina will give the visitor an insight to the island’s history, life and art during the ancient and contemporary periods. The best way to get to know the town is by wandering around the beach and through the narrow streets and alleys where one finds monuments of the era of Kapodistrias (Greece’s first governor), neoclassic buildings, beautiful old houses as well as many interesting shops, cafés, taverns and bars for relaxation and entertainment.

Fotini Bitrou, a gymnast, ranked as a Top Yoga Instructor in Greece and owner of the Kouros studio is based in Aegina. She was founder of the classic athletics (track) team in Aegina and she was involved for 12 years with classic athletics (800 – 1,500 meters) and was track champion in many appearances with the National Team of Greece. During the past years she has been involved with Yoga and Pilates – she teaches Hatha, Restorative, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga. Fotini is Graduated from University of Athens on Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Science and is Certified Yoga teacher (RYT) Alliance.

During summer 2016, Fotini and her partners yogi, are organising in Aegina at the seaside hotel Irides several yoga retreats, practicing various types of yoga – Hatha, Vinyasa, for all levels and doing sunset Meditation.

Fotini says it all:
“The most exciting school I have been in during the last few years, is life itself. This is why I continue with undiminished interest my studies around yoga and fitness, attending seminars, talks and classes in both Greece and abroad, believing it to be important to always be a student of life! My slogan has always been “become the change you want to see!”