Functional Strength Self Help Fitness Training Guide Harry Crowder Site Launched

Press Release

Harry Crowder’s complete training guide for building functional strength, The Functional Strength Guide, focuses on fitness training and diet without a gym membership or subscribing to a meal plan, and is now available from his new website.

For more details about Functional Strength Self Help Fitness, visit the website at:

According to Crowder, The Functional Strength Guide has been designed as a substitute for a personal trainer, containing strategies that don’t involve crash dieting, spending a fortune on gym membership or equipment and focuses on users becoming healthier and stronger in the practical sense rather than focusing on aesthetic reasons for becoming ‘fit and healthy’.

The complete training guide for building functional strength covers a lot of various information, designed to achieve an improved level of health and fitness without visiting a gym or following a strict diet regime, such as: functional training methods; diet strategies; necessary tools for achieving the goals; CrossFit, Kettlebell and other effective strength training methods; techniques needed for training; bodyweight training; stretching and methods for injury prevention; and more.

The Functional Strength Self Help Fitness website outlines why fad diets don’t work, and why it’s better to focus on altering eating habits bit by bit to focus on achieving better health and feeling better. It also explains why cutting down on food and drastically increasing exercise is not a good strategy, instead covering how to achieve realistic fitness goals without the need to spend money on expensive equipment or gym memberships.

The Functional Strength Guide is aimed at people who: have struggled with diets and fitness plans in the past; value health over “looking good”; want to make a positive change in their health and strength; plan a sporting or other activity that could benefit from strength training; have some weight to lose and want to do it the right way, and keep it off; and, are interested in CrossFit, Kettlebell, Movnat, or other strength training programs.

As Crowder explains, The Functional Strength Guide is a by-product of the closest thing to a personal trainer, at the fraction of the cost. It’s available from the website currently at a 90 percent discount, and downloads instantly to a PDF format. The website is also offering three bonus guides: a functional strength cheat sheet; a functional strength mind map; and a functional strength resource guide. It comes with a full 30-day money back guarantee.