Graeme B. Fraser Law Firm Victory in Beatty vs. Best Therathronics Case

Press Release

The Graeme B. Fraser Law Firm located in Kanata, Ontario, had a victory in one of the top employment cases in Canada in 2014 when they represented Mr. Clifford Douglas Beatty in the now landmark case of Beatty vs. Best Theratronics in 2014.

In 2014, Mr. Clifford Douglas Beatty, a radiation safety officer, was wrongfully dismissed from Best Therathronics after having served the company for 16 years. Mr. Beatty was only given 12 weeks notice by his employer to find new employment elsewhere. Mr. Beatty, who had no formal training, was unable to find employment in the allotted period. Mr. Beatty sought representation from Mr. Graeme B. Fraser of the Graeme B. Fraser Law Firm for a wrongful dismissal lawsuit against Best Therathronics.

The Ontario Superior Court used a summary judgement in this case after determining that witnesses were not necessary. Mr. Graeme B. Fraser challenged the defendant on the short notice period and the Ontario Superior Court agreed and awarded Mr. Beatty with a 16 month notice period. A separate summary trial was held at a later date for punitive and aggravated damages claimed by the plaintiff.

Mr. Fraser said “This was a great case and victory for our client, Mr. Beatty. We are happy that he chose our law firm to represent him. We look forward to helping others who are facing challenges in the workplace.”

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