Great Moves Physical Therapy Launches Campaign Emphasizing Patient Education

Press Release

According to a medical study released last year, approximately half of American adults experience injuries potentially aided by physical therapy. Of those, only 30 percent of patients who seek this type of treatment adequately follow through with their prescribed therapy plan. While some go on to experience full recoveries regardless of their lack of adherence, many fail to achieve optimum results by straying from their sessions early in the treatment process. With this in mind, founder Jacki Koury, PT, MPT, of Great Moves Physical Therapy has launched a campaign to educate Colorado PT patients on the importance of completing their therapy programs.

Said Koury, “In our field, we often see patients falling away from their physical therapy before they should. For a small handful, it’s a simple matter of being unwilling to put in the time and effort. Others become discouraged because they feel they’re not making any real progress. In most cases, though, they mistakenly believe they’re fully healed and don’t need to continue with treatment. We want those in our area to understand just how crucial it is to fully follow through with the recommended plan for recovery.”

When developing treatment plans, physical therapists evaluate each patient on an individual basis. The type of injury or condition being treated, its severity, potential challenges the patients may face during and after recovery as well as a number of other factors are taken into consideration. Following an initial consultation, professionals create customized plans designed to facilitate steady progression without causing undue physical or emotional stress for their patients.

Extensive research carried out by numerous experts in the medical field have determined attempting to rush recovery can exacerbate an injury or degenerative joint or muscle condition. Exercises performed in physical therapy clinics as well as at home promote gradual healing and aid patients in preventing future injuries. Therapists are trained to take note of potential problems throughout the process and alter patient’s regimens as needed.

Koury concluded, “Each step in our physical therapy treatments has a specific purpose no matter how pointless it may seem to the patient. We always encourage our clients to express any questions or concerns they may have. Our goal is to treat the body, mind and spirit, and we firmly believe thorough understanding of what we’re trying to accomplish is the glue holding these elements together. Completing the entire course of treatment is vital to making a complete recovery, and we hope this campaign will help encourage patients to persevere and be proactive in their own healing.”

About Great Moves Physical Therapy:

Staffed with a team of certified physical therapists, massage therapists and personal trainers, Great Moves Physical Therapy provides hands-on treatment plans with the belief healing should target patients’ emotional and physical well-being rather than just their injuries.