Grillo Barristers Offers Clients No-Obligation Legal Advice

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Specializing in the legal area of personal injury law and related legal services, Grillo Barristers offers clients easy access to skilled and qualified personal injury lawyers in Toronto. One of the biggest mistakes people make, in regards to personal injury law, is to attempt to represent themselves to resolve the matter own their own. They are under the impression they will end up with a much larger settlement if they negotiate with the other party’s insurance company.

Unfortunately, what actually occurs is people discover later, after signing a binding settlement agreement, they would have been entitled to receive an even larger settlement had they chose to consult with the qualified personal injury lawyers and legal team at Grillo Barristers. One of the main reasons why people tend to end up with only the bare minimum settlement when they represent themselves is because what they do not know is the other party’s insurance company has their own team of lawyers representing their interests and provide them advice on how to settle the claim for the least amount of money possible.

The other party’s insurance company has teams of lawyers, and Grillo Barristers provides people the legal representation they require to ensure they receive a fair settlement offer for their personal injury claims. In addition, the law firm does not charge clients upfront for legal representation in personal injury law matters. Any legal fees incurred during the course of the personal injury matter are only payable upon reaching a suitable settlement agreement or winning the case, should it go to court.

Besides providing expert legal advice and representation for personal injury claims and legal matters, Grillo Barristers provides a wide range of other legal services, including defending criminal law matters. The firms expertise extends to a variety of areas of personal injury law, including, but not necessary limited to, spinal cord injury, short term and long term disability claims, slips, trips, and falls, traumatic injuries, car accidents, and dog/animal bites.

Clients of Grillo Barristers gain access to an entire team of legal experts, ranging from lawyers and administrative support staff to law students and paralegals, each lending their knowledge and skills towards their clients’ cases to ensure the best results possible, based upon the specific and unique circumstances of their clients’ cases. In addition, all legal services are customized to the specific needs of each client.
Grillo Barristers is one of the few personal injury and criminal law firms in the area to provide access to bilingual legal experts. The law firm wants to make it easy for clients to receive representation for their legal matters and be able to discuss their concerns, ask questions, and learn about their legal rights in the language they understand and prefer speaking. The law firm offers a no-obligation, complimentary consultation appointment for potential clients to obtain more information about personal injury laws and discover their legal rights.

To learn more about Grillo Barristers, their lawyers and teams of legal experts, as well as their personal injury and criminal law and related legal services, please visit their official website at or contact the firm directly by phoning 416-614-6000 to schedule a complimentary consultation appointment and case evaluation.

About Grillo Barristers

Grillo Barristers was founded by Salvatore Grill over 30 years ago. Since that time, the Toronto law firm has become one of the largest and well-respected criminal and personal injury law firms providing legal representation for clients throughout the GTA. Grillo Barristers strives to provide sound, strategic, and expert legal advice for every one of their clients, while protecting their interests and delivering the most appropriate outcomes using aggressive litigation methods, as appropriate and related to their clients’ criminal law and/or personal injury legal matters.