Historic Replicas Museum Quality For Sale Western Maritime Site Launched

Press Release

The Web Museum Store has launched its online store, featuring a huge range of museum quality, Dunston Mint historical replica items from significant periods throughout history.

For more details or to view the product range, visit the website: http://www.webmuseumstore.com.

History enthusiasts are now able to purchase from the Web Museum Store, securely via Amazon’s online payment processing system, a range of replica items from various periods of history, in particular from the western history, mid east history, natural history and maritime history eras.

Most of the products offered are made by the reputable Dunston Mint, but other products available include authentic ship replica models, beachcombers (or ships in bottles) and handcrafted, fully preassembled model ships, including tall ships. Some examples include America’s Cup boats and yachts from various periods of history, the Mayflower, Baltimore Clipper, pirate ships including Blackbeard’s revenge, the Cutty Sark and others.

The high quality museum replicas by Dunston Mint, available via the Web Museum Store, include replica coins, spearheads and lapel pins, from the Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Early Europe, Viking Age, Victorian Europe and Early Americas periods. Some examples include the Empire of Alexander the Great, Athena, Greek Gods, Julius Caesar, Pompeii, Apollo, Tiberius, Anthony and Cleopatra, Roman gladiators, The Crusades, Celtic gold and California gold, to name a few.

The Web Museum Store also offers mid east history replica coins, tablets, spearheads and lapel pins from the Mesopotamia and Persian civilizations, Ptolomaic Egypt and Judea rule, Byzantine Empire and the Crusades.

The Natural History replicas by the Dunston Mint include a range of historically accurate replica fossils, such as plaques, teeth such as the Sabre Tooth and T-Rex, claws and other artifacts such as fossil eggs.

Some of the most popular best sellers, according to the Web Museum Store, include: the Viking Coins of England, Coins of Ancient Rome, Siculo-Punic Coinage, Coins of Ancient Greece, 12 Caesars in Gold, Mesopotamian spearhead and tablet, Blackbeard’s Queen Anne’s Revenge Pirate ship, Titanic wooden replica, Kate Cory Whaling ship and a range of Biblical era artifacts and replicas.

The lapels start from $7.50, the average price on the coin sets is $20 and the ships range from around $17 up to $1200 and ship from Amazon within two business days.