Home Health Care San Diego, Agency Shares 3 Helpful Springtime Tips for Seniors

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Firstat Nursing Services, a San Diego home health and home care agency shares “3 Ways Home Health Care Can Help Seniors Plan for Spring Outdoor Fun”.

Linnea Goodrich, president of Firstat Nursing Services in San Diego, CA said “Everyone benefits from warmer weather and the chance to get outside in the fresh air, but seniors need it more than most. Senior citizens have a high percentage of depression due to many factors related to age and isolation, and the ‘winter blues’ can affect them in an even more significant way.” Here are three ways home health care providers can help seniors plan for spring outdoor fun.

Keeping Seniors Fit and Healthy During the Winter – Getting through the winter in good shape is a great way to get a head start on warm weather fun. The winter months can be long and dreary. A home health care nurse can help seniors stay fit by getting them out on the days that allow for a little walk in the fresh air. When weather simply won’t allow an elderly person to get outside, a home health care nurse can assist in safe indoor exercises designed for keeping seniors fit.

Preparing the Yard for Safe Enjoyment – A home health care provider can check out the yard to make sure hash weather hasn’t caused any damage to walk ways, and clear out debris that may have been deposited over the long winter months. A home health care can also suggest helpful tools to give seniors aid in safe outdoor activities such as ramps and pathway improvements. Even small imperfections in cement walks or uneven ground may be hazardous to a senior who doesn’t have the balance a younger person may have. A home health care provider will check out all areas to ensure they do not have dangerous elements that can injure a senior citizen.

Getting the Garden Growing – A beautiful garden is not only mood enhancing, it can also provide delicious menu supplements. Gardening is also food for the mind. It is a peaceful, fun and healthy way for seniors to enjoy the outdoors. A home health care San Diego nurse can get their senior clients outdoors, and make sure they can work safely in the garden, and suggest methods of elevated planting such as containers or trellises to make it less back-breaking for older citizens. Health care providers can give seniors lots of special tips to make gardening easier such as showing them the best stools to use and giving them clothing tips to protect them from the sun.

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