Hutchison & Stoy, PLLC Launches Campaign Educating Texas Accident Victims

Press Release

Christopher Stoy, a fort worth personal injury lawyer with the law firm of Hutchison & Stoy, PLLC, has launched a campaign to educate Texas residents on appropriate procedures to follow after being involved in an automobile accident. This event was prompted by a report released by the Texas Department of Transportation covering traffic incidents occurring in 2014, the most recent year for which data has been compiled. Records indicate an uptick of 3.7 percent in fatalities on the state’s roadways over 2013 with more than 17,000 people receiving serious injuries during that same time frame. Alcohol was a factor in an estimated 30 percent of fatal crashes.

Said Stoy, “We’re certainly seeing a surge in vehicle accidents of all types, including those involving motorcycles and 18-wheelers. We believe this could be partially attributed to a steady increase in the number of miles traveled in our state, but driver distractions are also on the rise, and these play a significant role in the safety of our roads and highways. Because of all this, we want to ensure our friends and neighbors understand which actions they should take when they’ve been in an accident to keep themselves safe as well as in compliance with state laws.”

According to the firm’s website, leaving the scene of an accident is prohibited by law regardless of the extent of resulting injuries and damage. While certain exceptions apply in extenuating circumstances, the fort worth car accident lawyer recommends against attempting to move any injured parties without appropriate emergency response training. Information should be exchanged between those directly involved in the accident as well as potential witnesses to the incident.

As an experienced fort worth truck accident lawyer, the firm’s spokesperson noted size and weight contribute to the severity of accidents involving 18-wheelers; however, speed is likewise responsible for the more catastrophic nature of such crashes where both rear-end and head-on collisions are concerned. Due to these aspects along with the exorbitant insurance rates required for logistics companies, the assistance of an attorney is more frequently required for these types of accidents.

Concluded Stoy, “The report from the Texas Department of Transportation states not a single day went by without an accident-related death in 2014, and that fact alone is staggering. Little can be done to prevent these collisions from happening, but we believe education is the key to helping Texas residents better protect themselves both during and after an accident. We’ve provided more in-depth information regarding all types of personal injuries on our website via articles, a new frequently asked questions page and our blog posts. Our goal with these efforts is to help reduce the amount of confusion victims face following a wreck.”

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