Interactive Sketch Video Creator Best Doodle Software Launched

Press Release

A new product has launched that allows anyone to create an animated doodle video to help tell a story or get across a marketing message for their business or website. Easy Sketch Pro Doodle Animation Software can boost sales for any business by 337% and the latest version can feature live links to a Facebook page, YouTube channel, Skype or SoundCloud page.

More information can be found here:

The site explains how users of all experience levels can create any doodle they can think of using Easy Sketch Pro, whether they want to sell a product or advertise their services. This means it can be applied to any business, from cleaning roofs to selling artistic services. There is an example video on the site that underscores just how easy it is for people to make videos, and also demonstrates the kind of product they can achieve through using the software.

The video highlights how Easy Sketch Pro Doodle Animation Software makes use of a simple drag and drop interface for people to make videos in as easy a way as possible. Users can then add interactive hotspots live in the video, linking to almost any site. Then all they have to do is click on the build button, and the video is rendered and made available instantly.

Andrew Fox, Paul Lynch, and Com Mirza go on to discuss the benefit of using video online, either as a marketing tool or an advertising platform. Video has become the most popular medium online, with YouTube now the second most visited site on the web. Anyone wanting to capitalize on this can make their own video and use it as a promotional tool, but the real strength is in making the video interactive, and the site explains Easy Sketch Pro provides a simple platform for users to achieve this.

The site also provides a step by step guide showing people exactly how to make a video, from choosing their background to applying text layers, voice, images and other content to the video.