IRA Services Trust Leaders Contribute to World-First Crowdfunding Conference

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With Title III crowdfunding set to go live on May 16, two IRA Services Trust leaders recently participated in the first conference ever to focus on the associated compliance, marketing, and technology matters, the company reported. Held April 26 and 27 at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, FundIt featured more than 70 speakers with important things to say about the intersection between the growing crowdfunding movement and retail investing.

As part of a panel discussion, Todd Yancey, IRA Services Trust CSO and member of the Executive Board, described how the company’s recently launched ISCP™ application programming interface can contribute to a rock-solid technology stack for providing Title III crowdfunding access to self-directed retirement account holders. At another well-attended presentation, IRA Services Trust Vice President of Business Development James Jones spoke with other experts about ways of automating the process of raising capital online.

“We’ve just returned from FundIt, and we couldn’t have asked for a more enlightening or rewarding conference,” Yancey said, “It’s clear that there is a lot of interest among retail investors and their financial advisors in the opportunities that Title III crowdfunding will bring, and it was truly exciting to meet and speak to so many talented people dedicated to paving the way.”

Even while crowdfunding services like Kickstarter and GoFundMe have long since become routine parts of the popular consciousness, an obvious elaboration has remained out of reach to most. Tasked by the 2012 JOBS Act with creating rules that would allow everyday investors, as opposed to those deemed “accredited,” to take equity stakes in startups they fund in this way, the Securities and Exchange Commission finally came through late last year.

As a result, starting May 16, individual investors with no special qualifications will for the first time be allowed to contribute toward such fundraising and to receive equity in return, under SEC rules created pursuant to Title III of the JOBS Act. As they seek to do so, many will wish to use funds invested in self directed ira plans, making IRA Services Trust a natural partner for them and their advisors.

With more than $6 billion under management, IRA Services Trust has a nearly forty-year history of providing access to such alternative investments. Working with individuals, advisors, and institutions alike, the company offers a wide range of products and services that endow 401(k) and self-directed IRAs with greater flexibility, as by enabling real estate ira investment for those who prefer to look beyond the equities markets.

IRA Services Trust is likewise well-positioned to assist as the momentous rollout of Title III crowdfunding investment looms. A widely-reported recent announcement of a partnership between IRA Services Trust and FundAmerica Technologies that will see the former’s ISCP retirement account API integrated into the latter’s transaction engine, for example, details another concrete way through which the company’s mission will provide fruitful opportunities for many.

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