Jamaica Fuel Injector Cleaning Site Launches Bad Gas Car Repair Services

Press Release

A Jamaican car servicing company has launched a fuel injector cleaning campaign to combat the infamous bad gas in the country that has damaged the vehicles of so many car owners. The petroleum trade in Jamaica has been hit by bad gas since November 2015, which has led to motorists taking their vehicles to mechanics to tell them their fuel injectors have been blocked by contaminants in the petrol. Fuel Injectors Jamaica can help to combat this through a highly effective cleaning technique.

More information can be found on the company’s official website at: https://fuelinjectorsjamaica.com.

Phillip Paulwell, the former energy minister of Jamaica, has confirmed reports that scores of motorists have had their vehicles rendered inoperative by this bad gas. There are further reports of imported fuel being watered down, which can also be damaging to cars. Because of this, there is an increasing need for fuel injector cleaners to help motorists get their cars back on the road.

The Fuel Injectors Jamaica site explains how prices to clean a fuel injector across Jamaica range from $1,000 to $1,700, and the quality of these services also varies widely. Some companies clean the fuel injector without removing it from the vehicle, but this usually leads to the injector filter baskets being damaged which will now lead to the vehicle burning more gas and not driving at optimal levels. Other companies will clean injectors when they are removed from the vehicle using a fuel injector cleaning machine, but many of these companies do not change the O-rings, seals, filter baskets and pintle of the injectors.

Fuel Injectors Jamaica offers an alternative to this, employing a stringent cleaning process that doesn’t damage the vehicle. The first step is to check the circuitry of the injectors. After that the company will test the spray pattern and fuel volume flow comparisons at idle and high rpms. The final step is to clean the injectors in a ultrasonic cleaner using a heated patented solution that removes dirt and film while restoring the injector without damaging it.

Anyone with questions about any stage of the process can contact Fuel Injectors Jamaica on sales@expressbrakesja.com or call them on 876-507-3059.