JC Moreau, Sports Performance Coach, Reaches Amazon Best Seller List

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JC Moreau, sports performance coach, hit #1 on the Amazon.com Best Seller list in the ‘Sports Coaching’ category, #2 in the ‘Sports & Outdoors’ category, and #6 in the ‘Sports Training’ category on April 27, 2016 with his new book “The Parent’s Guide to Sports Performance Training: Building Speed, Strength & Resilience in Young Athletes.”

Coach Moreau has established himself as one of America’s premier sports performance experts, and is now able to share his world-class knowledge and unique experiences practical and theoretical experiences with youth athletes, parents and coaches. The former Director of Strength and Conditioning for the Iowa Hawkeyes and Arkansas Razorbacks, JC Moreau implements the same closely held methods he used to develop championship results with thousands of athletes from nearly 30 different sports. The list of athletes and teams he has helped mold includes Olympic Gold medalists, the world’s #1 ranked women’s golfer, 1st round NFL draft picks, NBA, NHL, WNBA draft picks, collegiate All-Americans and national champions.

In this book, Coach JC Moreau lays out, what is the Definitive Parent’s Guide to Sports Performance Training. In doing so he clearly explains the differences between a sports performance or strength & conditioning coach and a personal trainer or sports coach. 

Moreau shares, “Most of those holding high level positions in the sports performance field have an advanced degree, such as a Masters, and that there is a significant difference between sports performance certifications and those held by personal trainers. They are more about athletic development, energy systems, analyzing movements and correcting dysfunction. Preventing injury and maximizing their potential as an athlete, and finally, why becoming a better athlete is the most important step in becoming a better baseball, football, basketball or (insert sport here) player.”

He emphasizes that there is no quick fix for improving an athlete’s performance. Weekend boot camps, 1 month speed camps and other short-sighted programs are not going to produce real and long-lasting results. Maximizing an athlete’s performance is a process that takes long-term commitment. Starting at a young age, it’s important to focus on proper body movements (mobility) and having a good control of their body (stability).

Moreau believes that when the training environment fosters safety, balanced physical development, motivating and teaching young people the value of intangible qualities, such as resilience, character, accountability, persistence and purpose that you are able to build a foundation from which to build for years to come. This philosophy also ensures that each athlete remain as structurally balanced as possible (similar mobility and stability on right and left etc…), and this will reduce the potential for serious injury down the road.

Moreau points out that today’s youth are sitting too much, and not doing the outdoor activities children used to do years ago. This is impacting how prepared their young bodies are for playing sports as they reach puberty and into high school.

As an athlete becomes older and more advanced, they need to be learning about proper nutrition, proper supplementation and other healthy living skills that can become lifelong habits. Moreau discusses this critical “x” factor along with the mental component of performance in a practical manner drawing from his vast experiences dealing with these topics.

Moreau’s experiences as a Head Coach for a decade at the NCAA Division I level, working with countless championship athletes, teams and professionals, and coaching youth athletes have allowed him to become an industry leader, as well as an invaluable resource to youth and high school coaches, athletes and parents.

The Parent’s Guide to Sports Performance Training: Building Speed, Strength & Resilience in Young Athletes is available at Amazon.com.

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