Jeff Hershberg Law Accepts Legal Aid Certificates

Press Release

Jeff Hershberg, Toronto criminal defence lawyer, is pleased to announce he represents clients, facing serious criminal offence charges, who have to rely upon Legal Aid certificates to pay for their representation. Mr. Hershberg is one of only a few high profile criminal defence lawyers in the GTA that believes everyone, regardless of their social status or economic background, is entitled to receive experienced legal representation for criminal law matters.

Accepting Legal Aid certificates, for more serious criminal offences, further demonstrates Jeff Hershberg’s continued commitment to providing outstanding legal representation for his clients and the highest level of excellence. Mr. Hershberg’s law firm provides legal representation for a wide range of criminal offences for people of all ages, including young offenders, who have been charged for crimes under the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA).

Jeff Hershberg makes it easy for current and potential future clients to reach him. He prides himself on always being approachable and available for his clients and people seeking legal advice in criminal law matters. Mr. Hershberg enables people to reach him by phone, through his website, or through email and makes every effort to promptly respond to their questions and inquiries.

In addition to providing legal representation for people in the GTA, Mr. Hershberg has represented and will represent clients throughout Ontario. In the past, he has traveled outside of the GTA to ensure clients in other areas of Ontario receive the best criminal defence possible and works tirelessly to ensure he obtains the most appropriate and favourable results for his clients, based upon their criminal charges and specific circumstances surrounding their cases.

Jeff Hershberg is a well-known Toronto criminal defence lawyer, who has handled and represented clients in high profile cases, like homicide offences, weapons offences, and drug offences. He is truly committed to his clients, not only those he represents in high profile cases, but every single client he represents. Mr. Hershberg always works in his clients’ best interests and offers them expert legal representation to fight their criminal charges.

Mr. Hershberg’s law firm has experience in all areas of criminal law and related criminal offences to ensure clients are able to easily get their questions answered, discover their legal rights, and learn what options are available for fighting against their criminal offences. In addition, Jeff Hershberg is available to lend his expertise and representation of clients for bail hearings and bail appeals.

Jeff Hershberg believes everyone is entitled to obtain their own legal advice and representation upon being arrested and charged with a crime. In fact, it is imperative people take the time to understand their legal rights and be represented by their own skilled lawyer to guarantee their rights are never violated and fully protected. As such, Mr. Hershberg offers a free, no-obligation consultation and case evolution appointment for people to discuss their legal concerns in greater detail.

For more information about Jeff Hershberg and his law firm’s range of criminal law services, visit his office website at or contact Mr. Hershberg directly at 416-428-7360 to arrange a free case consultation appointment.

About Jeff Hershberg

Jeff Hershberg has been a partner, since 2008, at the well-known and largest criminal defence law firms in Canada, Rusonik, O’Connor, Robbins, Ross, Gorham, and Angelini, LLP. Mr. Hershberg’s interest in criminal law started while pursuing a Bachelor of Art’s degree from York University, where he graduated with honours. After graduation, he went on to earn a law degree from the University of Windsor. In addition, he is a member of the prestigious Legal Aid Ontario’s Extremely Serious Matters Panel. This membership makes it possible for Mr. Hershberg to provide criminal defence for clients, who rely upon Legal Aid certificates to pay for their legal representation against more serious criminal offences.