Josh Denning and Tom Morkes Authority Summit Break Guinness Record by 12 Hours

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As an entrepreneur, the hardest task isn’t coming up with a great idea, developing a superior skill set or promoting the businesses cause.

The hardest task for the entrepreneur is proving their causes worth.

Many entrepreneurs suffer the same issues. They find themselves rejected by potential clients for someone else less skilled, struggle to gain gratification in a competitive marketplace, or even feel pressured to drop their rates – only to have clients criticise their work after receiving a discounted price. If entrepreneurs are tired of being ignored despite exceptional work, it’s time to do something about it.

Become an authority, find success.

While some entrepreneurs struggle to prove their worth, others manage to flourish. Successful entrepreneurs are able to charge premium prices (that clients are more than happy to pay), have a consistent stream of business (eliminating the need to undersell their services), and manage to get featured by major media outlets – all while gaining a high level of respect by peers, influencers and fans alike.


Because they have become an industry authority.

Industry authorities are movers and shakers. They enjoy greater visibility and recognition in comparison to their peers, because they are considered the best in the world at what they do, are highly sought-after in their respective field and are recognised everywhere they go.

The result.

They acquire the ability to do business on their terms, earn significant money doing what they love and live a life that many can only dream of.

The Authority Super Summit helped businesses become sought-after authorities in their industries.

From the 22nd to the 31st of March, the first ever Authority Super Summit took place. The event, which brought together more than 100 of the world’s brightest minds, was designed to help entrepreneurs achieve greater success. Running over ten days, the summit was a virtual event – meaning those interested could gain access from anywhere in the world, providing they had internet access.

The Authority Super Summit was a collaborative project between the founder of Authority Factory, Josh Denning and the CEO of Insurgent Publishing, Tom Morkes.

Authority Factory is a full service authority marketing agency and education company. Led by digital marketing expert Josh Denning, the company aims to help business owners take control of their digital marketing strategy and work towards becoming an authoritative source in their area of expertise. By increasing profits predictability and making the sales process more enjoyable, Authority Factory seeks to help business owners achieve their goals and find greater success.

Insurgent Publishing is a boutique, full service publisher that brings great ideas to life. An alternative to standard publishing companies, Morkes began Insurgent Publishing to fix what he perceived to be a ‘broken’ model of traditional publishing. The company now partners with authors who are in search of a publisher that cares about art – and who puts the relationship between the author and reader first. Insurgent Publishing has launched a number of best-sellers to date and aims to ensure that authors with compelling stories are heard.

Through the Authority Super Summit, Denning and Morkes were able to combine their wealth of experience to bring aspiring entrepreneurs the information and advice needed to gain more attention, earn greater respect and achieve more leads and sales. The pair was joined by a world-class authority line up that smashed records. In fact the Authority Super Summit was a Guinness World Record breaking event, setting the record for the world’s longest uninterrupted live streaming audio cast.

How did this event help entrepreneurs become industry authorities.

The Authority Super Summit was designed to address and explain the key components surrounding industry authorities. By covering the five pillars – Mindset, Content, Distribution, Platform and Positioning – this event helped aspiring entrepreneurs acquire the information needed to become revered authorities themselves.

The five pillars covered over the course of the Authority Super Summit were:

Pillar 1: Mindset. This pillar taught listeners how to develop an authority mindset that enables entrepreneurial success. Listeners discovered how to handle failure, challenges, stress and other factors inevitably faced as an entrepreneur. It’s about developing an authority mindset that can cope with these factors – helping to ensure success.

Pillar 2: Content. Good content is about creating value – and the best way to create value is to solve people’s problems. The second pillar covered how to produce authority content by sharing knowledge, gaining instant credibility and leveraging the correct medium to connect with a target market.

Pillar 3: Distribution. Listeners found out how to master authority distribution by determining the fastest, least expensive and most effective path to their audience. This pillar focused on developing automated sales funnels, finding and exploring inexpensive marketing channels, and rapidly scaling early success via paid advertising.

Pillar 4: Platform. Pillar IV covered how to create an authority platform that allows clients to find and connect with a business. A strong online presence means growing an active online community around products and services, while also nurturing influencers.

Pillar 5: Positioning. The final pillar explained how entrepreneurs can become to position as an authority and start charging what their real worth. By becoming positioning as an industry authority, business people can become the solution provider clients seek out. This Guinness World Record breaking event proved incredibly popular.

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