Kabuki Japanese Restaurant Celebrates Quarter-Century Mark

Press Release

Kabuki Japanese Restaurants opened in Pasadena in 1991 and now encompasses 17 restaurants. When travelers or locals are looking for genuine sushi Los Angeles locations, Kabuki Restaurants has a menu which offers a variety of choices. After 25 years in the business of providing authentic Japanese cuisine, the restaurants are spread over three states: California, Nevada and Arizona. The restaurant website describes the options for traditional sushi and sashimi, all of which are authentic.

The Japanese restaurant Los Angeles chefs are passionate about the quality sushi and sashimi which they provide. A few of the options are tuna, shrimp, salmon, halibut, yellowtail, scallop and crab sushi types. The chefs have each undergone years of training and gaining experience in order to create the dishes which taste like the ones available in Tokyo. The chefs work to become masters of the individual dishes which appear on the menus.

The specialty rolls prepared by knowledgeable chefs include Rainbow Rolls, Spider Rolls, Shrimp Tempura Rolls, Rose Rolls, Dragon Rolls, Smokey Philly Rolls and Dynamite Rolls. The namesake Kabuki Roll is a spicy roll which includes yellowtail, spicy albacore, salmon, tuna, spicy tuna, salmon egg, smelt egg, and snow crab.

A quarter-century in the Japanese restaurant business is the result of quality food, excellent service, great value and a pleasant and clean ambiance. Finding the best Japanese dining location is based on finding menus with fresh ingredients, the talent and experience of the chef and listening to the reviews which come from regulars and visitors alike.

The name of the restaurant chain comes from the traditional Japanese theater dating back to the 17th century. Theater groups traveled the country, performing for commoners and villagers, rather than for royalty and privileged. The content of the performances included stories of love, moral conflicts and historical events. Dining at Kabuki Restaurants encourages diners to share their own stories.