LA Plumbing Experts Publish New Video On Their Homepage Promoting Their Business

Press Release

Plumbing is fundamental to any kind of civilized life, and is something many people never think about until it goes wrong. Because it is so fundamental however, when it does go wrong, it is a very serious issue, often requiring emergency call outs. As such, individuals must be careful to source the best plumbers who can bring the problem quickly under control, without costing the earth. LA Plumbing Experts ( have been serving Los Angeles for years, and have just published a new high quality video to help them introduce their business to new potential clients.

The new video, both on their homepage and on Youtube, is perfect for social sharing with individuals looking for plumbing services, and it succinctly and compellingly delivers an overview of their services. The video uses a hand drawn animation style together with an engaging voice over to ensure all the important points are quickly established.

The video finishes with contact details that enable individuals to immediately get in touch no matter the time or day, with 24/7 emergency callouts available. Lasting just 40 seconds, the video economically reassures individuals of the quality of work they can expect from the experienced technicians at LA Plumbing Experts.

A spokesperson for LA Plumbing Experts explained, “We are thrilled with the finished video and we couldn’t be happier to launch it online for our existing clients to send to their friends and family when they find themselves in need of plumbing services. The website has been designed to be as engaging and informative as possible, but as we all know a picture tells a thousand words, so video with audio in high quality says a lot more in less time than any other medium. We are sure this will help us reach out to new clients and provide them with the emergency plumbing services they need in 2016 and beyond.”

About LA Plumbing Experts: LA Plumbing Experts proudly provides high quality, 24/7 plumbing services to residents and commercial properties in Los Angeles, California. Their services including plumbing repairs, water heaters, leak detection, drain cleaning, slab leaks, garbage disposals & more. Their experienced team of expert plumbers are always on hand to help in any emergency.