Landscape Structures & Designs Inc. Celebrates Growing Number of Young Gardeners

Press Release

Landscape Structures & Designs Inc. (, an award-winning landscaping design and service company based in Toronto, is lauding the growing number of young gardeners that are changing the horticultural scene (“Young guns of gardening,” Express & Star web site, April 19, 2016;

“Gardening is often seen as an activity for older individuals and many youth consider it boring,” explains Sue Shorey, owners of Landscape Structures & Designs Inc. “The perception is flawed on both counts and it’s great to see a growing demographic of youth that aren’t afraid to stretch their green thumbs.”

The crop of young gardeners includes people like the 29-year-old Hugo Bugg, who has won a Chelsea Gold Medal for his second-ever show garden for the Royal Bank of Canada. He has even won the Royal Horticultural Society’s Young Garden Designer of the Year competition, a position he shares with fellow past winner Sam Ovens, age 27. Both followed their passions and have built respectable and successful careers out of their gardening abilities.

Part of the disinterest among younger individuals for a career in gardening is that it is perceived as a low-skill, low-pay sort of position. This is, simply put, false. Gardening careers, from landscape designer to arborists to botanists, all come with distinct educational and skill requirements.

“There are college and university courses devoted to garden design and plant biology,” notes Shorey. “It is a genuine branch of the biological sciences and the students there are passionate about their field and eager to serve as ambassadors to anyone who is interested in pursuing similar education.”

For anyone, youth or otherwise, who are considering a career path in gardening, many starting tips are similar to those found in the creative arts. Keep options open, find a niche and focus that can help them stand out, and consider local or RHS competitions as a way to both start out and build initial publicity and work for their portfolio.

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