Laser Engraved Tungsten Wedding Bands & Personalized Gifts For Him Her Released

Press Release

Signature Laser Designs has announced the launch of new laser engraved tungsten wedding bands and multiple unique personalized gifts for different occasions, available on the company’s popular Etsy e-store, currently celebrating its 3000th order after just 2 years in business.

More information is available at

The popular Signature Laser Designs is a business specializing in premium laser engraving, cutting, etching and marking to provide customers with a wide range of laser engraved and personalized items, keepsakes, rings or gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, mother or father’s day, holiday seasons and any other occasion.

The business has announced the launch of new laser engraved tungsten wedding bands and a personalized gifts collection with multiple options for him and her, including jewelry, necklaces, tags, bracelets, golf tees, can openers, boxes, stones or kitchen utensils with names, phrases or special marks engraved.

The new Signature Laser Designs’ collection of engraved tungsten wedding bands and personalized gifts for him and her, along with multiple wooden cutouts for craft projects, shaped as states or animals, and detailed product descriptions or 5-star client reviews can be viewed on the company’s popular Etsy e-store at

Custom projects and orders involving premium engraving of metal, leather, wood, acrylic or plastic and any other similar materials, including custom ring engraving or marking and gift personalization along with development of specific wooden cutouts, and more, can also be requested through the company’s popular Etsy e-store.

Signature Laser Designs explains that “we specialize in ring and jewelry engraving, personalization of gifts, wedding décor and much much more. Much of our work and tons of engraved gift ideas for all occasions can be seen and or purchased on our Etsy e-store”. They are also celebrating filling over 3,000 orders in two years of business.

The business adds that “our willingness and ability to do custom orders also allows our customers to engrave their memories for years of enjoyment. Simply give us a call and we will work out the details of your project. We are here to serve you. Ultimately, Signature Laser Designs was born out of the thought that you should be able to delightfully and forever remember the most monumental events in your life”.