Latherwhip Launches Shaving Brush And Razor Stand One Year After Brush Release

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After months of development, online male grooming brand “Latherwhip” is finally launching their matte black shaving brush and razor stand exclusively on to help traditional wet shavers extend the life of their shave tools, improve their hygiene and add a certain stylish elegance to their bathroom decor. The shave stand is being launched at a special price 50% off retail.

Wet Shave Enthusiasts Can View The New Shaving Stand At

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It’s long been known by wet shaving enthusiasts that proper care of shave tools, razors, brushes and the like – helps extend their lifetime, which increases their value for money and saves the hassle of replacing a shaver’s favourite tools before their time is up. With proper care, good hygiene and proper drying, it can get literally years more out of traditional shave tools. Latherwhip’s shaving stand is designed to look awesome and provide the perfect environment for air circulation (which helps drying) and elevation (which keeps away germs and bacteria).

Latherwhip was founded by AJ Hardy in 2015 and he had this to say:

“Since launching the badger bristle shaving brush on Amazon in March last year, I’ve had numerous requests for a shaving stand recommendation. I’ve had fans of my brush telling me they’d pick up a stand from me if I had it, because I really make an effort to take care of my clients. It made sense, since the razor and brush stand is the perfect complement to the shaving brush because it helps make it last longer, run cleaner and reduces shedding too. I wish it hadn’t taken so long to finally get the stand produced for these guys! But quality comes first and I had a lot of research to do. It’s paramount to me that folks who trust me enough to invest their money in one of my shaving tools is MORE than happy they did, so I have to ensure I’m doing the best job I can for them… plus it had to look great!”

To celebrate the launch of the matte black shaving stand, Latherwhip is selling this elegant, high grade shaving accessory at 50% off retail (retail price usually $49.99) for a limited time.

Traditional Shavers Should Take A Look At It Over On Amazon:

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