Latherwhip Re-Launches Top Rated 100% Badger Hair Shaving Brush One Year On

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Shortly after the brand’s one year anniversary, online male grooming and shaving brand “Latherwhip” is re-launching their 100% natural badger hair shaving brush on to coincide with the launch of their new shaving stand. This top rated badger bristle shave brush is being re-launched at a special price 50% off retail.

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Traditional wet shavers have known for a long time that badger hair is generally considered the superior choice for a great shave, because the bristles are soft and unique in their design. Their bristles are thicker at the end than at the base, so their ability to hold heat, moisture and shaving lather is unrivaled. Using a higher grade of authentic badger hair, as Latherwhip does, ensure a richer lather with less effort and the provision of a more luxurious and exfoliating shave.

Latherwhip was founded by AJ Hardy in March 2015 and he had this to say:

“Since launching the badger brush on Amazon in March last year, it quickly became the highest average rated shaving brush on the entire marketplace. This is incredibly difficult to achieve in such a short space of time, however my intense focus on ensuring anybody who bought one of my brushes would be thrilled with it, had a very positive knock on effect. It took me many months of research to come up with my offering for ‘the perfect shaving brush’ (which is of course impossible, but I came pretty darn close!) from the bristle grade, to the handle material, to the workshop, to the knot size – and this meant any problem the buyer had was met with a quick and effective solution and most critical reviews were changed to 5-stars within a couple of weeks. It’s not always possible to help everyone, and competitors are a little sneaky sometimes… but I love interacting with my clients so it’s an absolute pleasure to do right by them. Plus, it’s how my Mother raised me!”

To celebrate the re-launch of the ‘black resin’ handle badger shaving brush, Latherwhip is selling this top rated brush at 50% off retail (retail price usually $59.99) for a limited time.

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