Lucas Launches New Single ‘Clout’ Online Via New Online Presence

Press Release

Michael Taylor professionally known as Lucas is a 25-year-old rapper, singer, songwriter & record producer from Toronto, Ontario. Michael grew up in Glendower, a metro housing complex neighbourhood in Scarborough, Ontario, which itself was once headlined by the National Post as, “Where gunfire is a way of life”. After his mother moved him and his sister to Etobicoke to secure a better way of life, he received an old copy of FL Studio at age 14 and began making music. He has worked tirelessly since then, expressing himself through his music and is soon releasing a debut mixtape. Now 25, he has released his debut single “Clout” online via his website.

The musical content was influenced by much of his initial life experiences from the neighbourhood, and his rise to prominence as an artist instead of a criminal. The single has been made available on YouTube and has been shared on Lucas’ new website. All were launched simultaneously as part of the arrival of the artist on the global scene, after spending years honing his craft in Toronto.

A spokesperson for Lucas explained, “Lucas is thrilled to be able to release his first single. After years spent honing his skills he is now ready to explode onto the scene in a big way, and “Clout” brings the kind of confidence and established sound that you would expect from an industry veteran on his debut single. We have every confidence he will become a household name in the next five years.

‘Clout’ is available for purchase exclusively through CDBaby before being made available on iTunes and more.