Magicians Cabaret Predict Continued Demand of Diversity In Night Entertainment

Press Release

Sydney is often called a magical city and in the heart of it can be found ‘The Magicians Cabaret’. They have noticed an increasing trend in tourists and locals alike seeking out that something special in night entertainment.

The La Fortuna Cabaret Dinner Show presents a night of storytelling, song, dance and magic while enjoying a candle lit dinner. It has beenvoted one of the top 3 things to see in Sydney by LA celebrity magazine Cliché.

Mr James Karp, Founder of The Magicians Cabaret said, “Destination New South Wales confirms in its visitor data that Sydney had circa 9.2 million overnight visitors in 2015 and continues to grow year on year. We are noticing that these visitors to the city are being more discerning and seeking out top line performance venues like ours.”

Sydney has long been at the cutting edge of providing world-class venues and performances to attract visitors to the city. It has certainly been a contributing factor to Australia ranking second in the world for quality of life in a recent UN study. The speed of information sharing around the globe is making the demand for variety in nightlife essential to satisfy the tourist and Sydney sider alike.

Mr Karp said, “Sydney will soon add to the menu of evening experiences the new entertainment centre and James Packers new casino that are both soon to come on stream. These will go some way to help grow the diversity of night activities available but the demand seems insatiable at the moment for new experiences.”

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About The Magicians Cabaret

The Magicians Cabaret is a cabaret theatre restaurant venue located in Sydney with character somewhere between New York cabaret and Parisian dinner theatre.

Its classic Parisian cabaret decor, magic memorabilia, old style theatre box office and a charming 1930’s proscenium arch stage featuring a beautiful French theatrical ruched curtain, The Magicians Cabaret theatre restaurant is a venue that is as unique as they come.

The resident La Fortuna Cabaret Dinner Show with its song, its dance and magic while patrons enjoy a candle lit dinner presents a memorable occasion for all.