Minority-Owned Carolina Records & Information Management, LLC Secures Schedule 36

Press Release

Carolina Records & Information Management and Account Manager, Trey Hoey are pleased to announce that they have successfully applied for and completed the documentation to claim the Federal Supply Schedule: GS-03F-020DA. The process was begun just over a year ago. The minority owned firm was derived from a logistics company, A-1 Transfer & Storage, owned by the same family. CRIM began in 1999, with a mission to be one of the top document destruction and storage firms in the region. The firm successfully obtained a National Association of Information Destruction NAID AAA-certification for document shredding.

CRIM possessed one of the largest storage vaults in the area and was looking forward to getting more involved with the Department of Defense. “We tried getting involved with a local Air Force base, a lot of projects we were more than capable of performing were occurring there,” said Trey Hoey, account manager at CRIM. “There were a few that seemed promising, but there was another firm in the area on GSA, and we were getting beat. The government is obviously all about regulation; we needed to lined up.”

“It certainly wasn’t easy” said Hoey. “It was a lot of red tape, but we were able to get great help from a firm not too far from us called Government Marketplace, LLC. They certainly helped with the process, making it much easier. It’s a great thing, though; we went through this process so that the government can more efficiently and effectively work with us. As a small, family-owned business, we strive to ensure the customer is always right. If this is where the government, our new customer, needs us to be, we will be there.”

CRIM specializes in providing secure off-site and on-site document destruction up to the required standards of even the most rigid of regulations. Along with its documentation destruction services, it also provides secure and confidential offsite document and file storage, as well as data vault services which includes back up media storage and tape rotation services.

“We’re hoping to give a one-stop shop solution for agencies with the document needs, helping with their more broad and large projects with general ease.”