New AUDIOBOOK Release 14 Days Of Delicious Healthy Meals FREE Introductory Offer

Press Release

Ron Benson just launched the New “Paleo Diet Evolution™ Recipes & Cookbook Taster” AudioBook, which includes 14 Days Of Delicious Healthy Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner Meals, that may make the average person’s mouth water when they hear about these Recipes. The Complimentary Picture Book, which is included with the Paleo Diet Evolution™ Recipes & Cookbook Taster AudioBook is also likely to make the average person’s stomach growl!

The author has written three (3) other books related to natural health, but this is his first AudioBook. Best of all Paladin Movies International (PMI) the Producer of the AudioBook is doing something COMPLETELY OUTRAGEOUS! Absolutely FREE ACCESS to the “Paleo Diet Evolution™ Recipes Cookbook Taster” AudioBook has been made available, due to a Time Limited Special Introductory Offer! Most importantly, the Recipes in the AudioBook are from 7 Of The Most Beneficial Diets, that have been Proven to Prevent AND often Even Cure almost “ALL” of the Deadliest Diseases. Listeners can put their minds at ease, because these diets are based on extensive research by authoritative Doctors and Professors from institutions such as, Rush University in Chicago, the U.S. National Institutes of Health, Harvard University, the University of Minnesota, and numerous other scientific studies.

Free Access is available with the purchase of either the Kindle or Paperback Versions of the Paleo Diet Evolution™ Recipes & Cookbook Taster” book!” PMI has hired extra staff who are on call to make sure that everyone gets Absolutely FREE ACCESS to the AudioBook, within 24 hours of receiving proof of purchase.

Details on how to easily copy/paste & send proof of purchase can be found at: The Discounted Kindle Version can be FREELY previewed at: Full Details on the Discounted PDF Version of the Paperback are available at:

Readers of the Kindle Version have been very excited about the AudioBook, because it may provide the ultimate ease of access, and ease of use for the busiest people. Even for hard working mothers who have too many things to do, or busy executives who already have too many things on their plates. For example, they can listen to the AudioBook while driving home from work to decide on the meals they want to cook. Then they can use the AudioBook as their shopping list to pick up the recipe ingredients they will need on their way home.

Listeners will no longer have to worry about staining and/or ruining their cookbook in the kitchen, while trying to read the cooking instructions. The AudioBook eliminates the struggle and juggle of trying to read, turn pages, and cook at the same time. The AudioBook enables listeners to easily pause, or go back, and/or skip forward to effortlessly get to the information they need, while they are busy preparing meals!

Ideally, to provide the best value and save Listeners money PMI used new High Quality Digital Narration™ (HQDN™) technology to produce the AudioBook. As a result, even after the Introductory Special Listeners will be able to get the 3 (mp3) CD “Paleo Diet Evolution™ Recipes & Cookbook Taster “AudioBook for the regular price of only 1 CD, and HQDN™ technology is crystal clear and perfect every time.

Ron Benson has experience as a University level Instructor of Health and also Physical Education. He has also been a Life Long Natural Health Practitioner who was formerly a Professional Body Builder. Now Ron is a Film/Video Producer & Author with Masters Degrees in both Education & Business. Ron is passionate about providing information on alternative natural cures, and obviously this is the motivation for the creation of the new AudioBook. When asked about his reasons, Benson said that: “… it occurred to him an AudioBook will make it much easier for busy listeners to find out how they can stop stressing about their diets, enjoy eating great tasting food, and still lose weight and be healthy! Listeners with diverse requirements will hear how they can achieve optimal health, longevity, weight loss, and also accomplish their body building or also body sculpturing goals.”

Although Benson admitted that he almost abandoned this project because it was much more work than anticipated, now he is looking forward to completing the 5 book series. In a recent interview, the author thanked the artists who have shared their work through the Creative Commons, and made it a point to ask listeners and readers to visit the websites of all the authors who freely shared their recipes for delicious healthy meals, that maintain health and/or cure disease. He emphasizes that, “The websites and contact information for all authors who shared their recipes are included with their recipes.”

Everyone who likes AudioBooks and enjoys eating delicious healthy meals should make note that FREE ACCESS to the AudioBook is a Time Limited Special Introductory Offer!