New Dog Nail Clippers Featured By High-Profile Dog Product Blogger

Press Release

Since launching their Dog Nail Clippers onto Amazon U.S and UK in December 2015, Wagglies have been keen to share their product with as many of their target audience as possible.

This week, dog bloggers MyDogLikes have features Wagglies’ Dog Nail Clippers on their website, allowing the brand to expose their product to even more of their target audience than before.

When discussing Wagglies’ Dog Nail Clippers, the blogger at MyDogLikes said, “…Our dogs are pretty good sports about having their nails trimmed so it was not a problem introducing them to a new pair of clippers…We are pleased to report that the Wagglies [dog nail clippers] had no trouble at all with the job…We got a nice clean cut each and every time.”

The blog about Wagglies’ Dog Nail Clippers can be found here:…

“We’re thrilled that such a high profile dog blogger has chosen to feature our Dog Nail Clippers.” said Dan Clayton, Founder of Wagglies, “We love working with bloggers as we know how much of an influence they can be over our target audience. Receiving such a positive blog from a well-respected pet blogger is exactly what we hoped for.”

The brand have had their Dog Nail Clippers featured on a couple of other blogs in the past.

“We recognised straight away after launching our Dog Nail Clippers that we would need to educate our audience.” continued Dan, “Informative blogs like the one from MyDogLikes allows us to show our audience why they need Wagglies’ Dog Nail Clippers.”

Since launching their Dog Nail Clippers in December of 2015, Wagglies have also launched a brand new product – Probiotics for Dogs. The brand plan to continue growing their range of high quality pet supplies.

Wagglies’ Dog Nail Clippers have a unique angled tip to allow pet owners to trim more accurately. The trimmers can be purchased from Amazon U.S:…